Why RooWriter? Top 5 Answers…

By , February 24, 2014 4:42 pm

RooWriter PosterTop 5 Reasons to take the RooWriter now!

1.  It’s convenient:  just log in to the RooWriter at www.umkc.edu/roowriter and follow the prompts.

2.  You want to graduate this semester:  beat the rush and take the RooWriter two months before graduation–remember, it’s a requirement to graduate.

3.  You need to enroll in a Writing Intensive class:  take the RooWriter now before it’s time to register for next semester.

4.  You’ve taken and passed English 225 or Discourse II (or equivalent):  you are eligible NOW to take RooWriter (you’ll need to take it

5.  You want to improve your writing!  RooWriter evaluations can help you strengthen the skills that you need for college classes and the workplace.

Good reasons aside, all UMKC undergraduates are required to take the RooWriter Writing Assessment at least once.  When you take RooWriter, you begin by choosing one of six reading packets on a variety of important issues.  Next, you start the 72-hour writing period and the website assigns you a “prompt” consisting of questions to answer in an essay of 750-1,500 words.  Then you will receive assessments from trained evaluators.  The first time you take RooWriter, your student account will be billed a small charge and you can take the assessment again as many times as you want for no additional charge.

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