Summer and Fall 2013 Registration

By , March 19, 2013 8:36 am

With summer and fall class schedules now available on-line, no doubt you’ve already received an e-mail with your registration appointment.  But what should you do between now and then to make enrolling go more smoothly?  To start, meet with your academic advisor to figure out what classes you should be taking and to confirm that you are on-track for graduation.  You may want to consider summer classes to get ahead.

Before your enrollment appointment, check to be sure you have no holds on your account.  The most common types of holds are academic advising holds and holds for having an outstanding balance on your account, although there are others too.  Any holds you have will show up on the main menu of your Pathway account.

Last, don’t forget your enrollment appointment!  Although you can enroll any time after this appointment date and time, the sooner you enroll the better your chances of getting the exact schedule you want.

Remember that you need to click on the “details” button to show the time you may begin registering.  Open registration begins on April 22nd.

Celebrate Women Making History in Kansas City

By , March 19, 2013 8:34 am

[The following was submitted by the College of Arts & Sciences, Division of Continuing Education]

Local civil rights legend Julia Hill and UMKC educator Mary Ann Wynkoop will hold a public conversation entitled “A Celebration of Kansas City Women Making History,” Wednesday, March 20, at 6:30 p.m., in the Truman Forum Auditorium, Plaza Branch of the Kansas City Public Library.

Newly retired from the executive board of the local NAACP, Hill will discuss her devotion to social justice as well as her activism during the civil rights movement to the present. In the 1970s, she served as president of the local NAACP, fighting to ensure that the school district and local companies hired and promoted African Americans. Hill was a member of the Kansas City School Board at the height of its desegregation case in the 1980s, and became its president in 1990.

Wynkoop is retired from UMKC, where she was an assistant professor in the Department of History and director of the American Studies Program. She writes and lectures on American studies, women’s history, post-WWII American history, the Civil Rights Movement, and film history.

The event is co-sponsored by the UMKC College of Arts & Sciences Division of Continuing Education and the Kansas City Public Library. Admission is free. A 6 p.m. reception precedes the 6:30 p.m. event. RSVP online or call (816) 235-6496.

UMKC is #2 in National RecycleMania Competition

By , March 19, 2013 8:24 am

UMKC is surpassing the competition in RecycleMania thanks to your student efforts around campus!   UMKC cares about the state of our planet and the continued support for recycling contributions is greatly appreciated.  Sustainability on campus has placed consistently higher among other schools since 2008.

We ask you to come join in the fun and help our academic community be recognized for its eco-friendly practices.  Last spring UMKC ranked 13th out of 250+ schools and we will look to better our ranking by placing in the top 10 this year!  We are in great position to meet this goal and we are all very excited!  Remember, during the period of February 3rd through March 30th please commit to thinking green and help recycle for the environment and our amazing campus!

If there are any questions about recycling or the RecycleMania competition you can contact the sustainability student coordinator Brian K. Floyd at

Explore with Roos in the City

By , March 19, 2013 8:16 am

Come explore Kansas City for FREE with your fellow Roos!

Roos in the City is a program in partnership with Multicultural Student Affairs, Residential Life, and the International Student Affairs Office to provide excursions for students to engage in the culture and local offerings of Kansas City.   

The goals for the program are:

  • To help students connect and network with other students, staff and administrators.
  • To identify and increase awareness of contributions made by cultures both in and outside of an individual’s frame of reference.
  • To enhance students’ feelings of engagement, belonging, and loyalty.


Past events include:

Chiefs Game, Exploring SW Blvd (co-sponsor), and Pentatonix Live! at the Midland.


To learn more about how to sign-up for events or stay learn more about local events in Kansas City, please go to our Facebook Page at , any questions email LaShaundra Randolph (Coordinator for Student Activities) at



Want your voice heard? Tell ASUM!

By , March 14, 2013 3:08 pm

Every four years the Associated Students of the University of Missouri asks for student’s feedback on their legislative priorities.  Click here to take this short survey to let your student lobbying team know what you’d like to see them focus on.

Want to see what ASUM is currently working on?  Look here and join us and fellow students from across Missouri to show your state legislators that YOU are paying attention.

Let your voice be heard and show your support for higher education on April 11th on the capitol steps and “Make a Stand” for students.






Stress no more!

By , March 12, 2013 9:02 am

[This tip provided by Kendra Williams, senior Communications Study major.]

As the semester progresses, many students tend to become stressed out with seemingly overwhelming amounts of homework and other course requirements.

Well stress no more!  While some stress of course is motivating, it certainly helps to know how to recognize and manage stress.

Here are some tips to help keep the stress away, or simply relieve stress:

  1. Make sure you are getting enough rest at night. Or, if you aren’t able to do so, and depending on what you have to do the next day, schedule some time in your day to take a power nap, for no more than two hours. But only if you can.
  2. Eat something within an hour after you awake, especially in the morning. And if you’re the type of person who tends to become hungry often; bring a lunchbox with you in order to eat snacks throughout the day. The ideal snacks to eat should be high in nutritious value also. A soda and a Milky Way bar are not recommended.  Fruit and vegetables are handy snacks and healthy for you, too.
  3. Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. Sure, walking is a great way to stay fit, but doing a series of jumping jacks, or running on the treadmill will enhance your level of fitness. So if you aren’t able to go to Swinney Recreation Center once a day, try and go at least twice a week. Or look-up a few at-home workout routines on YouTube.
  4. Keep track of tasks needed for completion. In other words, make a to-do list weekly, daily, or nightly before the following day. It may sound unnecessary, but it really does help to have a list of all the things you need to do, at your fingertips. Whether it is electronically available on your iPad or written the old fashioned way with a pen and paper. It helps tremendously! And it feels great to check tasks off the list!
  5. The MindBody Connection offers a great place to relax and learn more about coping with stress.   The MBC has a relaxation station, featuring a massage chair, relaxation recordings, and a place for prayer and meditation. It also hosts Wii hours of the day where you can use Wii sports, Wii play, and Wii fit to get your body moving and also have some fun!  Also check out MBC2Go for quick tips, apps, self-reflection, and other great tips!
  6. Treat yourself! Once you have completed a goal, pat yourself on the back. Whether it is going to see a movie you’ve been dying to see in the theaters, or getting tickets to go see a comedy show. Do it. Because you deserve it!

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