Win prizes in UMKC’s new ad campaign contest

By , March 20, 2012 2:12 pm

[The following was provided by the Divisions of University Communications and Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.]

Border Schmorder. Forget the state line – UMKC is a great value for students whether they live on the Missouri side or the Kansas side. And UMKC has launched a new multimedia ad campaign to make that point.

The first salvo got underway Thursday with a TV ad campaign that will run during the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament – that’s 41 games between now and March 23. Almost a half-million households in the area will see the ads on CBS, TNT, TBS and TruTV through Time Warner Cable. The ad also is posted on Time Warner’s website. The commercial features Chancellor Leo Morton touting UMKC’s new Princeton Review Best Value designation and spotlights current UMKC students talking about what makes UMKC special. (See UMKC’s television commercial.)

Round 2 starts in early April, when two sets of billboards will go up around the metro area. One set touts UMKC’s metro rate tuition program that provides in-state tuition to Kansas students from 11 counties. Another highlights the new ranking as the ONLY Princeton Review Best Value College in Kansas City.

To add an element of fun to the new ad campaign launches, UComm has partnered with Student Affairs to sponsor a contest for faculty, staff and students. The prizes: 10 gift cards worth $25 anywhere Roo bucks are accepted, including Jazzman, UMKC Bookstore, etc. (Contest guidelines below.)

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Effective Research Strategies

By , March 20, 2012 8:46 am

This seminar will not be like your traditional workshop of becoming familiar with the library! We will discuss techniques for researching in the library databases as well as how to effectively use Google as a literary search engine. We will also be discussing the difference between peer reviewed articles and non-peer reviewed.

This Week’s Seminars are:

4/3     Tues     12:30pm   Administrative Center Brookside Room
4/4   Wed      3:00pm  Student Union room 419

Next Week’s Seminar: Making a Plan Towards Graduation and Beyond 

Click here for the semester schedule.  Seminars are mandatory for students on financial aid contracts, Bloch Scholars and Osher Scholars.  Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes.  Students must sign in within 10 minutes of the seminar starting to receive credit.

LibGuides Make Using the Library Easier

By , March 20, 2012 8:43 am

LibGuides are web resources designed by UMKC librarians to lead you through common information-gathering tasks and library services. 

LibGuides can be course or discipline specific, like ‘Girls in Print Culture’ or ‘Chemistry’; overarching and interdisciplinary, like ‘Copyright’; or focused on a service, like ‘Printing in the Libraries’.

Here are some typical questions students encounter during research assignments, followed by examples of LibGuide resources available to help:

  • “I know how to search using Google, but how do I most effectively use the library catalog?” – The MERLIN catalog LibGuide shows how to use the local and statewide library catalogs to search for materials, place requests, check on the status of your account and more.
  • “I’ve heard of an annotated bibliography, but what’s a ‘critical annotation’?” – By checking the LibGuide on Annotated Bibliographies , you’ll find critical annotations include your own evaluation of author bias, qualifications, the accuracy of the resource, and the importance of the resource in the subject.
  • “How can I determine if a resource is ‘scholarly’?” – Consult the LibGuide on Scholarly and Non-Scholarly Publications and check out the table of criteria for evaluating resources under the “Scholarly Sources” tab.
  • “My professor wants citations in MLA format. Where can I find this?” – There are many acceptable formats for bibliographic citations. Make sure to use the one required by your professor and/or discipline by checking the ‘Cite & Write’ tab in many LibGuides.
  • “Is there a way to auto-format my citations?” – Try EndNote, linked to in the ‘Cite & Write’ tab of most LibGuides. EndNote is software available at UMKC that allows you to collect and organize your citations. If you prefer the open-source Zotero citation manager, UMKC Libraries has a Libguide for Zotero as well.

Need more help? Librarians are available in person, by phone, text, and email. You can also instant message librarians live online by clicking the green ‘help’ tag on the right side of the screen of any LibGuide page.


How to Enjoy Spring Break Despite Upcoming Finals

By , March 20, 2012 8:42 am

[Study Tip provided by Becca Oetting, senior music education major in the Conservatory.]

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am past the point of being ready for spring break. Right now, it’s just about the only thing that’s keeping me sane! Going from mid-January to the end of March with no breaks is tough, and by the time spring break gets here I want nothing to do with school all week. However, finals are coming up. Each week, they loom closer on the horizon of my world. And while spring break is going to be a much-needed vacation for me, I also know I can’t completely forget about my classes. Being a senior and having gone through three spring breaks already- including one spent on the sunny beaches of Florida- I’ve figured out a few things that can help make this break much more relaxing overall. Then I can come back rested and ready to finish the semester.

The week before break (if I haven’t done this already) I sit down with all of my class calendars. I make a list of all the assignments/ tests that are due each week for the rest of the semester. This helps put everything into perspective. When I am done, I figure out how long it will take me to complete/ prepare for each item. This is an important step because you don’t want anything to sneak up on you. This next part is the not-so-fun part. During my free time the week before break, I work on all the assignments that are due the week after break- even if it’s not due until Friday. I may even take a large portion of the day on Saturday to finish them. One of my professors once suggested making a schedule for every day. Block out a couple of hours each evening to work on assignments. While it may be difficult to force myself to work on an assignment with a due date two weeks away, it will pay off in the end. When it is done, I don’t have to worry about it anymore! Now I have the rest of the break to relax, and I don’t have to worry about upcoming assignments. To me, this is a much less stressful approach to the break than putting it all off until the last day.

This year for spring break, I am going with the UMKC Wind Ensemble to perform at a convention in San Antonio. I have already made my list and am working on completing the assignments this week. By the time we leave, I will have them all done and won’t even have to take any homework with me. Instead of trying to do work on the bus, I can relax, watch movies, and chat with friends. And I can enjoy the fact that when we get back on Sunday night, I will be ready for the week ahead.

While not every strategy will work with everyone, it is my hope that this helps you get through the rest of the semester, and gives you a little relaxation during break!

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