Campus Construction Updates

By , June 26, 2015 3:55 pm

Construction UpdateJune 29 – July 2: Rockhill Road will experience lane reductions between 51st Street and 53rd Street beginning Monday, June 29 due to water line work under Rockhill Road. Weather permitting, all lanes will be open by July 2.

July 6: Beginning the week of July 6 the sidewalk along the east side of the UMKC School of Medicine will be closed for safety as repairs are conducted on the roof. There will also be intermittent loss of parking stalls in this location to hoist materials to and from the roof. The anticipated duration of this activity is 60 calendar days. The emergency drive between Truman Medical Center and the School of Medicine will not be affected or disrupted.

July 6: Parking Lots 39 and 47, west side of Oak Street across from the Administration Center, will close permanently on Monday, July 6 for the start of construction of the 51 Oak project. Faculty, staff and visitor parking shifts to the Cherry Street Parking Structure. Additional meter parking will be added at Parking Lot 45 north of the UMKC Law School.

July 6: Parking lots 32W and 48, west of the UMKC School of Education, will close temporarily for construction of the relocated Kansas City Young Matron’s Clubhouse. Student parking shifts to the Cherry Street Parking Structure.

Aug. 16: This is moving day for the Kansas City Young Matron’s Clubhouse from 51st Street and Oak Street to 52nd Street and Cherry Street, Parking Lot 32W, with associated street closure of Oak Street from 51st Street to 52nd Street and 52nd Street from Oak Street to Cherry Street. The intersections of Oak Street/52nd Street and Cherry Street/52nd Street will also be closed.

RooWriter Reminders for Summer and Fall 2015

By , June 9, 2015 2:41 pm

RooWriterIf you are an undergraduate and plan to enroll for Fall 2015 in a Writing Intensive course or any class that lists the RooWriter Writing Assessment as a prerequisite, be sure to take the assessment as soon as possible so that you are not blocked by Pathway.

If you plan to graduate this summer and have not already taken the Written English Proficiency Test (WEPT), you need to take the RooWriter Writing Assessment by June 19.

For complete information, see the RooWriter web site at

As you may have heard, the RooWriter replaced the WEPT for all undergraduates at UMKC.  Unlike the WEPT, the RooWriter is not a pass/fail essay on one topic that must be written in three hours and in person during a scheduled time.  Rather, the RooWriter allows you to write a 750-1,500 word essay on your choice of six topics in a 72-hour-period anytime and anywhere you have access to a computer and the Internet.  After you submit your essay, it will be assessed by two trained evaluators and you will receive a report of their responses and a copy of your essay through the online system.

Everything that you need to know and do is located at the RooWriter web site, including the essay guidelines and expectations.  You can also preview the six Reading Packets to decide which one you want to write about.  The current Reading Packets address topics ranging from women and sports to Kansas City’s Troost Wall to urban sprawl.  When you choose your Reading Packet you will be assigned a prompt or question to respond to.  You then have 72 hours to complete your essay, which means you can work on it, return to it, and get help from the Writing Studio.  After you submit your essay, two evaluators will assess it in six areas, including “Point-Purpose-Idea,” “Clarity and Cohesion,” and “Support-Evidence-Citations.”  Evaluators will also provide comments about the strengths of your essay and any aspects of your writing that you should concentrate on in the future.  To see a sample evaluator report, please click here.

To help you develop your writing and reading skills, you are encouraged to take the RooWriter Writing Assessment more than once during your UMKC undergraduate career.  The RooWriter is a requirement for graduation, and to fulfill that requirement, you should take the RooWriter after you have completed Discourse II or its equivalent and before you have earned 90 hours of undergraduate credit.  It also is required for Writing-Intensive classes and may be required for other classes.

Undergraduate students who already have earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution are exempt from the RooWriter requirement.  The first time that you use the RooWriter Writing Assessment, your student account will be billed $15, but you will not be charged for subsequent assessments.  For more information, contact the Coordinator of Writing Assessment at

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