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Make IT Safe – Beware email and check scams

By , August 29, 2017 2:00 pm

We would like to make students aware of two common email scams and to remind you that email is by its nature insecure, and scammers can forge sender addresses and message contents, just as scammers can do the same forgery with postal mail.

The first common scam is a checking scam.  The scammer will send you an email looking for ‘personal assistant’ or ‘work at home’ type services.  Once you are hooked into the scam, they will mail you one or more checks for a significant amount of money.  They then ask you to wire or send the extra money back to them.  After 14 days, your bank bounces the bad checks, and you are then out all of the money that you sent to the scammers.

The second common scam are password phishing scams.  The attacker will send you an email that makes claims about closing your mailbox, that your mailbox needs to be upgraded, or that your mailbox has a security problem.  They then provide a link to click on to fix the claimed problem.  Once you click on the link, you usually get a web site that looks similar to a campus web page, asking for your username and password.  UMKC will not send out emails asking you to click on a link and enter a password in order to fix your mailbox.  If there is an actual problem with your mailbox, we will reset your password for you, or temporarily disable logons for your mailbox until you call the UMKC Call Center.  If you receive emails from Blackboard or any campus web site, make sure when you click on the link, that the web address ends with,, or before entering your password.

If at any time you have a problem with your account, or have questions on a suspicious email, you can contact the UMKC Call Center.  Contact information for the Call Center is available at: 

More information on phishing, and what to watch out for, is available at:

Additional security awareness information is available at:


Register for SecureAuth to protect your data

By , October 26, 2016 12:42 pm

ComputerLogging into electronic resources with your UMKC username and password confirms your identity and grants authorization to access University systems. This makes passwords at the forefront of protecting your personal information as well as the University’s data.  

The University has partnered with the Secure Authentication toolkit to provide a second layer of password safety. The toolkit requires an additional authentication scheme (security questions) for users to gain access to these systems. 

Use of these tools is now required to reset your University password, and will be required for access to myHR and other protected systems in 2017.  Register your security data now!

To register and/or change your password, visit the new IS webpage at 

For questions about the Secure Authentication Toolkit, visit the UM FAQ at


Important Information about the UMKC Emergency Alert System

By , August 30, 2016 11:52 am

UMKC AlertThe University of Missouri System installed a new emergency alert program for the four campuses this summer.  The Rave program replaced the former Alert system but works in a similar manner.  In the event of a natural disaster (such as the recent tornado warning), violent event or weather-related campus closing, an alert message will be transmitted to all faculty, staff and students via email, voice and text.

Existing UMKC phone numbers, e-mail accounts and information provided at the time of enrollment have already been entered in the system. Students can update that information at any time via Pathway.

Additional information can be found on the UMKC Emergency Alert System website. For specific questions about the Rave alert system, please contact Bridget Koan,

Technology Updates

By , August 30, 2016 11:47 am

ComputerInformation Services welcomes you to UMKC!

Click here to get started with IT resources for students:  includes information about your email account, setting your password, mobile device set-up, computer labs, remote labs, learning tools and online resources, IT policies and safe computing, and technology help and support.

In addition, please see below for some important updates.

Printing in Computer Labs:

As part of our commitment to sustainability and to minimize the cost of printing, printers in the student computing labs will be configured so they default to duplex (double-sided) printing. Single-page printing will still be available, but students who print on both sides of the paper will receive a small discount.

Adobe Software License:

UM System campuses finalized a new Adobe Software License Agreement this summer. Adobe provides Creative Cloud products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premiere and more.  Adobe products will be available in IS labs and select departmental labs on campus.  Adobe will no longer be available in Remote Labs for students as the new contact prohibits virtual use of their products off-campus under this agreement.  IS will be offering a number of Adobe alternative products in Remote Labs for student use.  Students can also purchase Adobe subscriptions for use on personal computers at the UMKC Bookstore or online.

Upgrades to look forward to:

  • Blackboard Upgrade to Ultra. UMKC Information Services is working with Blackboard on a project to upgrade our current Blackboard Learn learning management system (LMS) to Blackboard Learn Ultra.  We are currently in the planning stage with the goal of going live with Ultra for Spring 2017. Ultra integrates a sleek user interface with simplified workflows for all users. Instructors will have tools to help develop curriculum, interact with students, and provide useful and timely feedback through improved grading features. The student experience will prioritize coursework, giving you tools to manage tasks and to work collaboratively. This new platform will allow seamless transition between desktop and mobile devices, further improving the teaching and learning experience.
  • Secure Authentication. With the increasing risk of cyber-attacks, multi-factor authentication has become a necessity to safeguard our information. An ATM is a good example of multi-factor authentication: you supply your password (something you know) along with your ATM card (something you have). UM System campuses will be implementing new security tools to improve password security. A first step in this process requires that all users “register” or add information into the new Secure Authentication toolkit. More information about the registration process will be forthcoming this fall.
  • WebEx.  Information Services has purchased a campus-wide license for WebEx and is working on implementation now.  Accounts will be available soon for UMKC students who are interested. Students will have access to the WebEx Meeting Center service with unlimited Voice over IP audio.   The Meeting Center meetings are limited to 8 attendees, but include, presentation sharing, file sharing, voice and video conferencing via a web browser or WebEx clients for mobile devices.  Students have the ability to use WebEx to facilitate “small group Project” meetings and their own web conferences as desired. For more information, please visit

Office 365 “Clutter” email filtering

By , January 20, 2016 8:24 am

ComputerIn the fall of 2015, Microsoft added a new feature to Office 365 email called “Clutter.” According to the Microsoft blogs that announced this feature, “Clutter is a feature in Office 365 designed to help you focus on the most important messages in your inbox by moving lower priority messages out of your way and into a new Clutter folder.”

How the Clutter folder works is dependent upon how the user manages their email once it is received. Several students and departments have alerted us that the new feature has caused emails from the University to be moved into the new “Clutter” folder and students are sometimes not aware they have email from the University.

Here’s what we’re doing about this:

We have identified and will apply to our office 365 environment a configuration setting that will require all emails sent to a student account on Office 365 to stay in the Inbox if sent from a University account. After we implement these settings on 1/17/2016, all Clutter folder processing will only apply to emails originating external to the University.

Please contact the UMKC IS Help Desk at 816-235-2000 if you have questions or need to report an issue.

New Lecture Capture System – Panopto to replace Tegrity

By , December 11, 2015 8:22 am



After a review of lecture capture options, UMKC has decided to replace the Tegrity lecture capture system with Panopto. Tegrity will be phased out during spring 2016, and existing Tegrity recordings made up until June 1, 2016 will be converted to the Panopto environment.

Panopto and Tegrity are very similar to use, with Panopto offering better support, fewer major software updates, and the ability to edit content after recording.

To ease the transition, instructors are encouraged to use Panopto beginning in the Spring 2016 semester.  Panopto will be installed on all ILE classroom computers, and will be available for all Spring 2016 Blackboard and Moodle courses soon.

More information about Panopto to come. In the meantime, if you have questions about Panopto, that aren’t answered by the website, please send them to


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