Learning Styles, Notetaking, and Participation Seminar

By , January 31, 2012 8:38 am

Do you want to know how to get your best grade possible in classes? We will be discussing different learning styles, provide suggestions on note taking techniques and discuss how to actively participate in class discussions. There will also be a short assessment for you to determine your individual learning style.

This Week’s Seminars are:
1/29     Tues     12:30pm   
1/30   Wed      3:00pm 
All Seminars will take place in the Student Union room 419.

Next Week’s Seminar: Study Skills, Time Management, and Testing Strategies

Click here for the semester schedule.  Seminars are mandatory for students on financial aid contracts, Bloch Scholars and Osher Scholars.  Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes.  Students must sign in within 10 minutes of the seminar starting to receive credit.

Not-so-secret Secrets of an Over-Achiever

By , January 31, 2012 8:38 am

We all know them… those people in your classes that go above and beyond what is required: the over-achievers. When you’re struggling to get by day-to-day, they seem to have it all figured out months in advance. While you may think they have no life and spend all their time studying, that’s usually not the case. They know how to get the most out of every minute they spend working on academics. This allows them to get everything done and still have time at the end of the day!

Be organized: Having a calendar full of important dates and deadlines for your classes can be a life-saver. It ensures big projects and tests don’t sneak up on you. It’s a good idea to put a reminder a week or so in advance of the due date/ test date so you don’t forget how fast it’s coming up. Keep your workspace organized. It doesn’t have to be perfect all the time, but you certainly don’t want to waste time looking for your highlighters when you could be getting your reading done! Use your own system, but make sure you know where everything is that you’ll need when you’re ready to study.  

Go to class: It may seem obvious, but you can’t learn what the professor is teaching if you aren’t there. This doesn’t mean just physically show up, though. When you’re in class, actually be in class. Don’t let distractions get in your way. Put the phone away, close out of FaceBook, and don’t use the time you spend in class as a gossip session. Go to class ready to take notes and participate in the lectures. To ensure you have everything you need, it’s a good idea to pack your bag the night before… especially if you have an early class! Try recording your lecture classes — with your professor’s permission.  Then listen to the lectures during your drive home, to work, or even while you’re walking across campus. This is a great way to reinforce what you learned in class without taking any extra time out of your day.

Commit to what you do: We’ve all been told how important it is to have good time management skills. The trick is to commit yourself to whatever you choose to do with your time. If you choose to take a nap, then take a nap instead of getting sidetracked on other things (like YouTube!). If you set aside time to work on homework/ study, then get rid of all of your distractions and focus on your work. When you spend time with your friends, don’t spend the time worrying about everything else you have to be doing. Enjoy the time you get to spend with them.

UMKC Libraries Copyright LibGuide

By , January 31, 2012 8:37 am

Regardless of your major, copyright issues can be complicated and unfamiliar. UMKC Libraries has a Copyright LibGuide that can help. Finding and reading books, articles, and resources is only a part of the academic puzzle. Beyond properly citing work, you need answers to questions like these:

  • How do I use resources in my papers without plagiarizing?
  • Do I need to get permissions to be able to include video or background music in my class presentations?
  • What conditions allow me to claim “Fair Use” of materials?
  • Can I claim “Fair Use” for materials I (or the university) have purchased under a license?

UMKC Libraries Copyright LibGuide helps answer these questions and more.

Still confused? Your subject specialist librarian is happy to help you sort things out and learn how to use materials legally. Visit the library’s Who’s My Librarian? page to find and which librarian specializes in your area.

FAFSA and Scholarship Deadlines

By , January 31, 2012 8:37 am

UMKC’s priority deadline to complete the FAFSA is March 1. You can still complete it after this date; you just may not receive all the awards you are eligible for.

Currently enrolled UMKC students may apply for competitive institutional scholarships by completing the competitive scholarship application. It is due, along with 2 letters of recommendation, on March 1.

Other opportunities provided by the University can be found on the financial aid website. Links to school-specific scholarships are provided below.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact your academic advisor!

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