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LGBTQI Ally Campaign Oct 5

By , September 29, 2016 10:08 am

ally-2016LGBTQIA Programs and Services is excited to celebrate another year of support for our LGBTQIA community at UMKC.  We are inviting you and your colleagues to join us for a campus-wide photograph as part of LGBTQIA Programs UMKC Ally campaign, Wednesday, October 5th at 12:50pm on the steps of the Student Union.

The goal of this project is to provide allies a more visible presence on our campus.  We will begin organizing the group for a photograph promptly at 12:50pm, and hope to dismiss by 1:00pm for you to return to your day.  Please join us in demonstrating our campus support for our LGBTQIA students, faculty, and staff.






Women’s Resource Fair on Sept 22

By , September 13, 2016 12:44 pm

WC_LogoUpdate_7-1-15The Women’s Center is hosting a Women’s Resource Fair on campus. The Fair is free and open to the all students, staff and faculty.

It will showcase the programs and services offered by the Women’s Center and will also include information tables from various campus and community organizations, including voter registration hosted by the AAUW.

Participants will enjoy free giveaways, prizes and refreshments. The highlight of the Resource Fair will be a Circus Show Teaser with live entertainment by the all-female cast of the Great Kansas City Circus Show, featuring the KC Juggling Club and Moon Drop Circus. The entertainment will include juggling, acrobatics and aerials.

Event details:

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Women’s Resource Fair and Circus Show Teaser, 12 – 2 p.m.

University Walkway & Playhouse, 51st and Holmes St.


If you have any questions or need additional information, visit the UMKC Women’s Center .

Fall 2016 Student Success Seminars

By , August 22, 2016 9:56 am

DestinationGraduationJoin us throughout the Fall 2016 semester for workshops presented by Academic Support and Mentoring, Career Services, UMKC Central, UMKC Libraries, MindBody Connection, and the Writing Studio.  All seminars will be held in the Atterbury Student Success Center.


Presentation Date Time/Location
Study Methods 8/28/2016 2-3 p.m. ASSC 205
Studying for Problem Solving Courses 8/29/2016 11 a.m.-noon ASSC 205
Studying for Biology Courses 8/31/2016 2-3 p.m. ASSC 205
Study Methods 9/2/2016 11 a.m.-noon ASSC 205
A Successful Semester of Writing 9/7/2016 10-11 a.m. ASSC 205
A Successful Semester of Writing 9/8/2016 3-4 p.m. ASSC 205
Notetaking Strategies 9/9/2016 11 a.m.-noon ASSC 205
Using the Library Databases 9/12/2016 3-4 p.m. ASSC 236
Notetaking Strategies 9/13/2016 1-2 p.m. ASSC 205
Using the Library Databases 9/14/2016 3-4 p.m. ASSC 205
Developing Empathy 9/20/2016 1-2 p.m. ASSC 237
Find out How SLEEP Makes Better Grades 9/22/2016 1-2 p.m. ASSC 205
Developing Empathy 9/23/2016 3-4 p.m. ASSC 236
Understanding Your Learning Style 9/26/2016 1-2 p.m. ASSC 205
Ins and Outs of Internships 9/28/2016 1-011 a.m. ASSC 205
Ins and Outs of Internships 9/29/2016 2-3 p.m. ASSC 205
Understanding Your Learning Style 9/30/2016 11 a.m.-noon ASSC 205
Time Management and Procrastination 10/3/2016 11 a.m.-noon ASSC 205
Time Management and Procrastination 10/6/2016 2-3 p.m. ASSC 205
Using and Integrating Sources 10/11/2016 10-11 a.m. ASSC 205
Using and Integrating Sources 10/12/2016 4-5 p.m. ASSC 205
Using Library Databases 10/17/2016 3-4 p.m. ASSC 205
Using Library Databases 10/19/2016 3-4 p.m. ASSC 205
Creating Value Statements 10/21/2016 3-4 p.m. ASSC 237
Reading Strategies 10/27/2016 2-3 p.m. ASSC 205
Creating Value Statements 10/25/2016 1-2 p.m. ASSC 237
Reading Strategies 10/27/2016 2-3 p.m. ASSC 205
MindBody Connection 10/28/2016 10-11 a.m. ASSC 205
Signs and Symptoms of Burnout 11/2/2016 10-11 a.m. ASSC 236
Signs and Symptoms of Burnout 11/3/2016 2-3 p.m. ASSC 236
Active Learning Strategies 11/8/2016 11 a.m.-noon ASSC 237
Active Learning Strategies 11/10/2016 1-2 p.m. ASSC 236
Preparing to Take the Roo Writer 11/15/2016 2-3 p.m. ASSC 237
Preparing to Take the Roo Writer 11/16/2016 9-10 a.m. ASSC 237
Using the Library Databases 11/28/2016 3-4 p.m. ASSC 236
Preparing for Finals 11/29/2016 11 a.m.-noon ASSC 237
Using the Library Databases 11/30/2016 3-4 p.m. ASSC 237
Preparing for Finals 12/2/2016 1-2 p.m. ASSC 237
Test Anxiety 12/5/2016 TBD
Resume Development 12/7/2016 10-11 a.m. ASSC 237
Resume Development 12/8/2016 2-3 p.m. ASSC 236

Half-way through the semester–how are you doing?

By , October 6, 2015 1:22 pm

study groupsCan you believe we’re already halfway through the semester?  So, how are you doing?  It’s a simple question but one that everyone should ask themselves and their friends.

Now is the time to stop, take a breath, and assess where you are in each class this semester. Hopefully, you are all caught up on projects and papers and are well prepared for mid-term exams. You may have already met with your professors individually, joined SI sessions or other study groups, and are getting involved in campus life.

If not, it’s not too late!

  • Take a look at the syllabus for each class and see what’s coming up–if you haven’t already, put deadlines and test dates in your planner and start thinking about how much time you need to complete each project or study for each test. Put those timelines in your planner, too.
  • Review your past performance–if you know you can do better, take advantage of available academic resources to help you study smarter and get answers to questions. There are multiple resources on campus with a specific goal of your academic success. Supplemental Instruction, Math and Science Tutoring, Foreign Language Resource Center, University Libraries, and the Writing Studio are all available to give you additional support. Be sure to ask your professor if you don’t understand a concept or problem–they are here to help!
  • Don’t forget to take care of yourself!  Eating right, exercising, washing your hands thoroughly, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep each night can help fight off any infection you might come into contact with. Plus you’ll feel better and you’ll be able to focus on everything you need to get done! If you do get sick, or you need a flu shot, contact Student Health and Wellness to make an appointment.
  • Finally–remember that a little stress can help motivate, but stress can also build up and become overwhelming.  Check out the MindBody Connection for tips of identifying and manage stress or take a break at Swinney Recreation Center — physical excercise can often help you center yourself.  For more information, contact UMKC Counseling Services–they are here to help you succeed!

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