SI data template

Our thanks to Kathleen Riepe, Senior Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, who created the report from which our template is adapted.

Submitting Summary Reports Electronically

Once you have completed the Summary Report tab in the Excel file below, e-mail it as an attachment to Please also e-mail that address if you have any questions about the form or emailing attachments.

SI Summary Report Templates

Beginning in April 2017, the International Center for SI changed its definition of SI/non-SI groups, breaking down SI attendance further to report GPA/DFW outcomes in terms of students who attended 1-4 SI sessions, 5-9 SI sessions, and 10+ SI sessions.

Below is the new SI Summary Report template that we require all programs (including Accredited Programs) to use to report their data to the International Center for SI. This file automates the process, making the data reporting process easier for institutions, and giving us a common form to use to add data to our national database. Please view this video tutorial to see how the automatic features work. If you have any questions about any of the files offered here, please e-mail

Data FAQ

We provide both options for schools to report data because we know different programs prefer different ways of looking at the data. Feel free to use whichever works best for your program and your institution.

The data that we must have to include your program in our database are the following: total course enrollment, total SI group enrollment (1+ session), average GPA of each group (all SI, 1-4, 5-9, 10+), average GPA of non-SI group, total students receiving DFWs in each group (all SI, 1-4, 5-9, 10+), total students receiving DFWs in the non-SI group.

We calculate GPA values using a 4.0 scale with + and – values. We use the following values: A=4.0; A-=3.7; B+=3.3; B=3.0; B-=2.7; C+=2.3; C=2.0; C-=1.7; D+=1.3; D=1.0; D-=0.7; F=0.0.

Click the below buttons to download each data template Excel file. Note: The SI Summary Report uses macro features, so be sure to accept the option to enable macros that appears after opening. You may need to open this page in Firefox to download the Course Summary Report Template.