These materials are best utilized by institutions who have attended an SI supervisor training. Much of the materials assume prior knowledge about the SI model. If you are planning on attending the supervisor training, you do not need to order training materials in advance. A basic packet of training materials are included as part of the training.

Description of materials


  • SI Supervisor Manual & Leader’s Guide to SI – Updated 2017 ($25.00) This two-part manual is a resource for those who have completed SI Supervisor Training and who have ongoing SI programs. Part I addresses management concerns and responsibilities and provides reproducible management forms and evaluation reports. Part II is a reproducible Leader’s Guide for SI for use during local campus SI Leader trainings.
  • SI Session Planning Manual ($20.00) This manual is devoted entirely to effective SI session planning and provides suggestions from the International Center and planning tips from experienced SI Leaders. It also includes is a robust selection of learning strategies and sample session plans in a variety of content areas.
  • Leader’s Guide to SI ($20.00) This is a stand-alone guide for SI Leaders that can be used during local campus SI Leader trainings.
  • Strategy Card – Updated 2017 ($10.00)