Attached WorkshopS

Get a jump-start on learning by attending a pre-conference workshop prior to the start of the 13th International Conference on Supplemental Instruction!! These interactive workshops hosted by International SI Certified Trainers from around the world will allow you to connect with colleagues around the below important SI topics.

Post-conference Workshops (virtual)

Supporting Advocacy-Minded Responses on the Frontlines of Student Success

Initially scheduled as a pre-conference workshop, the “Supporting Advocacy-Minded Responses on the Frontlines of Student Success” workshop is now available as a virtual post-conference workshop.


  • July 18, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM CDT
  • July 24, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM CDT

Cost: $150 USD

Presenters: Trauma Skills Institute

This 3-hour interactive session is designed to provide pro-staff with easily implemented trauma-informed skills designed for the higher education context. Participants will be guided through discussion on the prevalence of trauma, the dos and don’ts of responding to disclosures from students, and will consider effective ways to equip their teams to implement these practices. This session will offer hands-on activities addressing some of the most common emotionally distressing scenarios students face in higher education while also emphasizing and equipping participants with the skills to set and maintain boundaries. Pro-staff will walk away with tangible ideas on how to engage their student leaders in this important training topic.

Pre-conference Workshops

Setting Goals, Monitoring, and Evaluating Your SI Program

Date/Time: Thursday, June 6, 2024 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Cost: $150 USD

Presenters: Certified SI Trainers

In this interactive session participants will explore the following questions regarding program evaluation, and apply the information to their programs within a collaborative, supportive setting:

  • What goals do you have with the SI program at your HEI (higher education institution)? Are they related to the HEI’s strategic goals?
  • How do we monitor the SI program and its function continuously during one cycle of operation?
  • At the end of an SI program cycle, what data can we use for a post-reflective report on the function of the program?
  • How can we collect, process and store attendance data efficiently? How can we relate SI attendance to student performance and student retention?
  • How do we measure fulfilment of qualitative goals like enhancing the student experience?
  • How do we disseminate evaluation results to key stakeholders within the HEI?