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SI Program Consultations

Every SI program is unique. The International Center for SI trains programs on a common model and provides training participants templates and samples for programs to adapt to their needs. But, sometimes situations arise during implementation that are difficult to navigate. Or, perhaps your program is well-established, but personnel changes have created new challenges.

Whatever the circumstances, consider scheduling a customized consultation with a Certified Trainer from the International Center for SI. We know what a relief it can be to receive specific feedback for your unique situation. Individual consultations can be purchased for 30 minutes or 60 minutes with up to two participants from your program. We will identify and connect you with resources and ensure you have a clear path forward. We’re happy to support your program!

Note: Customized consultations are not training sessions and are not designed to be individual SI training. If you are an accredited SI program, you receive complimentary consultations as part of your accreditation. Please reach out to your assigned CT to access this benefit.