Joint Statement of Support

Dear SI-PASS Program Leaders,

2020 is now behind us, but not without impact. Each of us have made vital decisions over the past several months as supervisors and leaders of campus SI-PASS programs. For some that has meant pausing to build capacity for new modalities. Others retooled quickly to implement online methods. As a team of Certified SI-PASS Trainers representing multiple national and regional centers around the world, we share your experience. Each of us have faced challenges, and discovered new opportunities, whether unique to our programs or universally shared worldwide.

We know from our international networks that the transition to online SI-PASS has resulted in a number of challenges including:

  • less efficient sessions, as more time is necessary to engage participants actively,
  • reduced social interaction than traditional face-to-face sessions, and
  • increased demands on our SI-PASS Leaders as they balance typical facilitator roles alongside technical requirements.

At the same time, we acknowledge with you the benefits and opportunities this transition has presented, such as:

  • greater flexibility in scheduling sessions, resulting in increased accessibility for many students who previously may have been unable to participate
  • reduced/no concerns regarding campus space and/or costs that may be associated with space,
  • expanded perspectives on the use of digital tools and strategies to enhance the learning experience, and,
  • ease for participants in contributing within the session, particularly for those students new to SI-PASS.

If you, as a program leader, are feeling more overwhelmed or less energized than typical, rest assured you are not alone in those feelings. Nor are you alone as an SI-PASS Supervisor! As part of the SI-PASS family, you have a network of colleagues who welcome connection and conversation with you. Please see below for resources and opportunities for collegial connection that may best fit your needs/location.

We wish you a healthy and hopeful semester ahead.


Joakim Malm
Lise-Lotte Mörner
Will Carey
Marcia Ody

The European Centre for SI-PASS
Lund University

Kimm Khagram
Canadian National Center for SI
University of Guelph, Ontario

Melissa Zaccagnini
PASS/SI Australasian National Centre
University of Wollongong

Liesl Smith
SI National Office Southern Africa
Nelson Mandela University
South Africa

Charl Nel
Regional SI Office
North-West University
South Africa

Julie Collins
Jessica Elam
Heather Miller

The International Center for Supplemental Instruction
University of Missouri-Kansas City
United States

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