National SI Centers

The International Center for Supplemental Instruction is proud to recognize the National SI Centers around the world for their work disseminating the SI model and supporting the development of SI programs within their regions.


PASS/SI National Centre at University of Wollongong, Australia

Certified Trainers: Melissa Zaccagnini and Melissa Bergner


Canadian National Center for Supplemental Instruction at University of Guelph

Certified Trainer: Krista Bianco


The National Centre for Supplemental instruction at Lund University

Certified Trainers: Leif Bryngfors, William Carey, Arthur Holmer, Joakim Malm, and Marcia Ody

Southern Africa

Supplemental Instruction National Office Southern Africa at Nelson Mandela University

Certified Trainer: Liesl Smith

Northern South Africa Regional Center

Regional Supplemental Instruction Office at North-West University

Certified Trainers: Charl Nel