Northernmost Troost

The area of Troost from 4th to Independence had seem some radical change. At two separate periods of time entire blocks of residential housing had essentially vanished between focused time periods. It was the first half of the 20th century when the a block on the corner of 4th and Troost was razed for a park and playground around a school, but, ultimately became a community center and empty field. The second, and probably part of of the most notable event in Kansas City History, was the creation of the Eisenhower Interstate System. In this focus area an entire block (one of many around the city) displaced over a dozen homes and business for an highway onramp for I35/I29.

Personally, one of the funniest/most serendipitous moments of my project was while going through the 1940 Tax assessment photographs I discovered that the photographs I had taken a month prior matched almost perfectly to those taken 67 years ago.

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