Troost Ave between 34th street and 37th street

Troost avenue between 34th through 37th street are areas that have drastically changed over time. In 1917, these blocks were mostly vacant with just a few buildings. Thirty-four years later, the vacant lots in this area had completely vanished. In their place was now housing, and an increased amount of commercial buildings. Fast forward to today, many homes and businesses have been demolished, and those who weren’t are left unoccupied.

These are two pictures from 1940(left) and 2017 (right). As you can see the picture on the left shows a business with housing on both sides. Now in 2017, the lot where the business once was is now unoccupied while the housing next to it have been demolished, leaving a vacant space.

Photograph from 1940 Tax assessor.                       Photograph from google maps.

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