Speakers & Workshops

JQ SirlsThe Art of Artificial Intelligence – JQ Sirls
JQ Sirls is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and author working within the intersection of arts, craft, and design. His AI-infused company, StoryTailor, helps him stay ahead in his world of imagination. Imagination and curiosity are underlying themes throughout JQ’s practice, fueling his passion for creating a shared enthusiasm in adults and youth on projects commonly exclusive to one or the other.

Cody IsabelMaintaining Mental Health in Entrepreneurship- Cody Isabel
Cody is a serial entrepreneur in the AI & Mental Health space. He has a degree in Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience and training in IFS Psychotherapy. He is the Founder & CEO of Mind Brain Body Lab, a Mental Health AI company that focuses on bringing successful treatment outcomes to those healing from Complex PTSD after intimate partner violence and domestic violence. Cody uses AI/ML algorithms to analyze the biometric and behavioral data he collects from his clients to aid in the treatments he provides them. Their mission is to provide better ways to objectively measure, diagnose, and treat individual mental health conditions.

Joshua LewisTurning Fun into a Business- Joshua Lewis
Joshua Lewis is the Founder and CEO of Updown, a Nightlife app equipping bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues with consumer data insights to drive more traffic and promotions. Since founding Updown, he’s had over 10 years of experience as an operator, launching various consumer experience products across several different industries.

In addition to his role as a founder, he served as a Strategic Marketing Advisor for Pipeline Entrepreneurs — an incubator program focused on building entrepreneurial programming for the best founders in the Midwest. He’s successfully raised multiple rounds of capital, built an extensive angel network, and won several pitch competitions. He’s also the Founder of a new seltzer company called Kin (The First Black Owned Seltzer Company in America)!

Keith KirklandDesign Challenge – Keith Kirkland
Keith builds products and experiences that communicate information through touch, including a wearable device that helps the blind and visually impaired safely navigate their surroundings using vibrations. He is the Co-founder and Head of Haptics + Customers Success at WearWorks.