The ideal Regnier Entrepreneurship Mentor…

  • prioritizes helping students learn the entrepreneurial process
  • is committed to UMKC’s principles of equity, inclusion, openness, and support for students of all backgrounds
  • has worked in a startup, a small business, and/or started their own company with at least four years of experience


  • has completed our E-Scholars program, is no longer a degree-seeking undergrad student, and has at least two years of experience (not counting the time in E-Scholars) of working in their own startup, someone else’s startup, or a small business
  • has functional expertise in at least one of the areas listed on our mentor application (product, technology, marketing, finance, legal, etc.)
  • can engage in at least one mentorship activity per academic semester (a mentorship activity may include participating in E-Scholars Mentor Madness, serving as a guest speaker in a class, serving as a judge at the Regnier Venture Creation Challenge, serving as a one-on-one mentor with a student startup team, etc.)

Mentor Selection

UMKC Regnier Entrepreneurship Mentors exhibit the desire to see entrepreneurs succeed and view working with Entrepreneurship Scholars (E-Scholars) and students as one way to increase the economic vitality of the Kansas City region.

These devoted mentors lend their expertise, enrich our students’ experience and enhance UMKC’s standing as the home of one of the world’s premier entrepreneurship institutes.

The Regnier Institute is taking applications from candidates who have started or are running their own businesses and/or have experience working in a startup.

Mentor Application


To become a mentor, please first submit an online application. Successful applicants will then be invited to complete an interview with a Regnier Institute team member. Please review the Mentor Guidelines to see if the program is a good fit for you.

Questions? Please contact Philip Gonsher, the Assistant Director of Mentor Programs.