Regnier College Startup Awards

First Place – $15,000: Farm Story Meats – Ray Schmidt (Iowa State University)
Farm Story Meats brings our customers transparency to the locations, farms, and people that supply their food, through subscriptions or individually chosen boxes of sustainable and locally sourced meats. We share the stories of the farmers that raise the animals, and we strive to make the supply chain of farms to customers as short as possible.

Second Place – $10,000: Crib Coaching – Jill Bertelsen and Justin Bertelsen (UMKC E-Scholars)
Crib Coaching uses a human-centered design to engage parents with children 0-5 years old. Every day parents watch a short video and have a reading passage, journal activity, and/or game.

Third Place – $5,000: ALLTER – Michelle Gershkovich, Gabriella Meisner, Ebuka Akubilo (University of Missouri)
ALLTER is a platform that collects and translates customer data to deliver accurate clothing sizes.

BlueKC Healthcare Innovation Awards

First Place – $15,000: Speak Information Technology: SpeakIT – Julian Lu, Madison Singleton, Ajla Salic, Max Popper, Kai Skallerud (Washington University in St. Louis)
Speak Information Technologies is a software company that specializes in voice-enabled assistance tools for healthcare providers. The technology empowers healthcare providers with the ability to automate keyboard and mouse tasks with their voice, leading to comprehensive workflow automation in the electronic health record (EHR).

Second Place – $10,000: MiDoc – Linda Wu, Lili Hostetler, Shivaen Ahuja, Ben Graue, Darren Lee (Washington University in St. Louis)
In a time of telemedicine, doctors are unable to perform heart and lung exams, and this lack of vital information results in ineffective care. MiDoc is an at-home wearable product that the patient (consumer) wears like a vest, equipped with sensors for a remote heart and lung exam.

James & Rae Block Kansas City Startup Awards

First Place – $15,000: Cafe Ca Phe – Jacqueline Nguyen, Madoka Day, Jason Izquierdo, Rebekah Leininger (KC Based Business)
Cafe Ca Phe is Kansas City’s first Vietnamese coffee shop. They serve coffee that is farmed in Vietnam, roasted by first-generation, Vietnamese-American women. All drinks are influenced directly by Vietnamese culture.

Second Place – $10,000: SeeInMe – Risa Stein (KC Based Business)
SeeInMe addresses care inequities resulting from an inability to connect with communication-challenged individuals. Instant Connector cards employ NFC technology and QR codes to ensure instant access to an individual’s Personality Profile.

Honorable Mentions

Outstanding Undergraduate Award – $2,500: Sky Sprayers – John Gamez-Ramos, Tyler Preisser, Chance Fuhrman (Fort Hays University)
Sky Sprayers is an innovative, brand-new way to spray your crops. It is a fully autonomous drone and trailer setup that can not only fly on its own but can actually spray your field all by itself.

Outstanding Social Venture Award – $2,500: Hormonetopia – Najjuwah Walden (Washington University in St. Louis)
Hormonetopia teaches the lifestyles that cause menstrual symptoms and provides steps to prevent them. Our web-based curriculum is for K-12 health and science classrooms during their menstruation segments.

Outstanding Creative Enterprise Award – $2,500: Tate’s Burnin’ Big Band – Tate Berry (University of Missouri-Kansas City)
A 17-piece progressive big band merging multiple genres of music and is dedicated to progressing the musical art form. It offers a variety of services, including live performances, merchandise, and event creation.

Russ & Melanie Cline Family Foundation Outstanding Community Business Award –
$5,000 – Aya Coffee and Books
– Jahna Riley (KC Based Business)
Aya Coffee + Books is growing into a coffee shop and bookstore that celebrates coffee’s African origins, and the bookstore highlights books by and for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people.