2024 Regnier College Startup Awards

First Place – $15,000: MedCurate, Ashley McLellan, Aadhar Garg, Michaela Logan, Oklahoma State University

MedCurate is a Digital Marketplace matching nurses and hospitals for half the cost to cure the healthcare staffing crisis. MedCurate replaces the Middle-Man/ Agency to Save Money & Maximize the “Gig” Economy. Think of us as Uber, where we connect supply and demand in a mutually beneficial marketplace through technology, decreasing costs and increasing pay in the process. Nurses are looking for more control (to “curate” their schedule) and more compensation. Hospitals are looking to fill the 4000 vacant positions in Kansas City and have more control too! I have lived on both sides of this marketplace, and look forward to putting the control back in the hands of those providing care.

Second Place – $10,000: Brace Cap, Sudiksha Singhal, Vanderbilt University

Brace Cap’s covered ligature ties provide a cushioning layer between the orthodontic bracket and the patient’s inner cheek and lip, preventing common orthodontic injuries and wounds. Brace Cap’s innovative approach reduces the risk of injury and the frequency of unscheduled emergency visits, improving scheduling capabilities for orthodontic clinics and comfort for patients. While still in R&D, Brace Cap has secured four orthodontic clinics willing to participate in a clinical trial.

Third Place – $5,000: OfficeGenie, Michael Shilling, Hayden Smith, Aaron Monson, UMKC

OfficeGenie is an AI platform designed to supercharge productivity and amplify efficiency for small-to-medium sized businesses. Harnessing cutting-edge AI, OfficeGenie streamlines workflows, optimizes task management, and empowers businesses to achieve peak performance. From automating repetitive tasks to reading through long documents, OfficeGenie adapts to company specific preferences, tasks, and work styles, ensuring seamless integration into daily operations. With its commercial-off-the-shelf solutions and growing library of “magic shortcuts”, OfficeGenie has the potential to revolutionize how companies do day to day, and help businesses stay aligned with advancements the AI industry.

2024 Regnier Midwest Social Entrepreneurship Awards

First Place – $15,000: Advoteck, Danny Moran, Bryce Wolff, UMKC E-Scholars

We are a platform that creates software solutions to protect vulnerable communities from financial cyber-crime, including internal and external exploitation. Our flagship product, the TypeSafe App and iOS mobile keyboard, is made specifically for individuals with special needs and the aging adult. Our keyboard protects users at the source of entry, proactively, rather than re-actively like our competitors. Furthermore, our product centers around the digital autonomy of the user, providing only redacted notifications based on pre-determined numerical patterns and keywords.

Second Place – $5,000: FESTOON, Theresa Sheffield, UMKC E-Scholars

FESTOON is an ecommerce platform for Kansas City artists to sell their handmade goods to the KCMO metropolitan area. Our goal is to connect local artists to more consumers than any other online platform, thereby empowering them to make a living and enriching our beautiful city. Think Etsy, but just for Kansas City.

Third Place – $2,500: TrashTroopers, Jack Pitts, Joshua Chan, Vanderbilt University

TrashTroopers is a business with the mission of creating litter-free, college campuses through student-led cleanups. Focused on environmental stewardship, it combines service with education on sustainability. Partnering with universities, it offers a platform for students to engage in meaningful community service, earn service hours, and foster a culture of sustainability. Preparing for an upcoming school year launch, TrashTroopers is working on formal incorporation. Its model, proven at the University of Tennessee with significant impact, aims for nationwide expansion, leveraging technology for event management and scaling its mission for broader environmental and community benefits.

2023 James & Rae Block Kansas City Startup Awards

First Place – $15,000: Remodel Relief, Dr. Shelley Cooper

Remodel Relief is the ultimate companion for anyone embarking on a remodeling project or simply attempting to manage their home maintenance tasks. We empower homeowners, property managers, and DIY enthusiasts to achieve their maintenance and remodeling goals with confidence and ease. Our comprehensive mobile application offers a one-stop solution, combining expert A.I. advice, maintenance scheduling, reliable service provider recommendations, accurate cost documentation to assist budget management, photographic project tracking, and a user message board to access and connect a vibrant community of DIY enthusiasts. A provisional patent application was filed in January 2024.

Second Place – $10,000: AskSAMIE, Dr. Brandy Archie, Willie Apala Flaherty, Katie Tipton

AskSAMIE revolutionizes aging in place by blending AI with occupational therapy insights, creating a personalized marketplace for adaptive equipment and services. This platform ensures older adults and caregivers navigate aging with dignity and independence, bridging the gap between need and solution in real-time. By harnessing technology, AskSAMIE democratizes access to essential resources, making aging in place not just a desire but a tangible reality for everyone, regardless of their economic status.

Third Place – $5,000: MDMatchUp, Bob Waddell, Jim Brown, Justin Meredith

MD MatchUp is a digital front door platform that health networks use to personalize the way consumers find doctors on their website; curating the right patient + provider connections leads to stickier relationships, more compliance, happier people, better outcomes, and healthier margins.