Alumni Profile Spotlight



Adell Hendon, Class of 2016

Description: YouSpin is a Jukebox phone application and service that lets people send music requests, votes and chat messages via their smartphones in clubs, bars and restaurants. It is an interactive multimedia social networking program that allows customers in these venues to interact with the DJs and the rest of the customers in the venue. YouSpin makes it easy for customers to share their thoughts, request music through votes and be immersed in the club experience simply from their Android or iPhones.

Advice to Future E-Scholars:

“There is a network of individuals teachers, mentors, students and community business leaders who want to see you succeed and grow your business and want to help give you the tools to get there. The E-Scholars program is a network of individuals that care to see you reach your goals and long as you work hard and are diligent about it, anything can happen.”