Women’s History Month Trivia Contest!

March is Women’s History Month – a month celebrating the invaluable contributions, commitment, and sacrifices women have made for our society.

Starting in 1981, Congress passed a public law declaring one week in March as “Women’s History Week” in an effort to better inform people about the roles women have played in our history. 1987, Congress designated the month of March to serve as “Women’s History Month,” thanks to petitions from the National Women’s History Project. For this year’s Women’s History Month, The National Women’s History Project is honoring Women in Public Service and Government, focusing on the influence and dedication women have had through their leadership to public.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we will be hosting a month-long trivia contest beginning March 1st. Here is the break down for each weeks question themes:

Week 1: General Women’s History

Week 2: Women in Local Service and Government

Week 3: Women in State Service and Government

Week 4: Women in National Service and Government

Each day (Monday-Friday), we will send a question out on campus Scala boards and through our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Everyone (students, staff, community) is welcome to answer the daily question! Here are ways you can answer the trivia questions:

  • Calling or emailing the Women’s Center
  • Retweeting a Twitter post and using #Roos4WHM
  • Commenting on the Facebook post or sharing the Facebook post with the question on your own page with the answer using #Roos4WHM

Pretty easy, right? Answers for each question will be posted the following morning on our blog!

On top of that, anyone who answers a question (right or wrong!) will get a small prize from the Women’s Center! The person who answer the most correct answers at the end of the week will be eligible to win one of our weekly prizes, including gift cards from Cupcake A La Mode, Minsky’s Pizza, Winstead’s, or merchandise from Starbucks!

Who doesn’t want to learn more about Women’s History Month, especially when they can win some swag??

Contest starts Tuesday, March 1st. Our first question will be posted between 8:00-9:00am! Let’s do this, #Roos4WHM!