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Connecting With Staff, Students, and the Community

By: Alison Kendal

And just like that, the fall semester has ended, and we have so much to show for these short four months. My favorite events of the semester include the Ms.behaving! art gallery opening, the mindfulness personal exhibit, and the feminist literature discussion. Just by listing these events, one can see the range of interests the Women’s Center serves. It highlights the creativity and unique perspectives of our staff and challenges me to create more extraordinary events for the coming semester.

When I began my position as a graduate assistant in August, I anticipated gaining event-planning and office-managing experience, which I undoubtedly have. However, I acquired so much more. What I have ultimately found at the Women’s Center is connection. First, I have created such a wonderful bond with each member of our staff of powerful women. Each with their own perspective on feminism, these women have imparted lessons to me that I will carry far beyond this semester. Next, I connected with our students. I have had the pleasure to watch students emerge from their shells at our events and to receive their invaluable feedback that will progress our center for years to come. Lastly, I have connected with the Kansas City community. Local businesses, organizations, and citizens have been instrumental in the success of our events, making me proud to attend a university at the heart of the city.

I am ever so grateful for my experience at the center, and I look forward to continuing to leave my mark on this wonderful school through the implementation of meaningful events. Spring semester, here we come!