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Housing Assistance

Eleanor Women’s Foundation

325 W. Huron Street

Suite 706

Chicago, IL 60610


  • Temporary housing for low-income women and full-time female students

Housing Authority of Kansas City Kansas

1124 N. 9th Street

Kansas City, KS 66101


  • Section 8 and public housing

Housing Authority of Kansas City Missouri

920 Main, Suite 701

Kansas City, MO 64111


  • Section 8 and public housing

Jackson County Missouri Emergency Rental Assistance Program

415 E. 12th Street

7th Floor

Kansas City, MO 64106


  • Ombudsman for citizens alleged discriminatory acts or practices with respect to county departments, public accommodations, and housing in Jackson County

Restart, Inc.

918 E. 9th

Kansas City, MO 64111


  • Homes and support programs for youth and family, emergency shelter for single adults, families with children, and youth.  Transitional living for adults, single families, and youth


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