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Census Data Analysis

The block of Armour Road that I had was between, Holmes St. and Campbell St., I noticed that from 1950 to 2010 there haven’t been many new housing units built. But also the fact that Between 1950 and 2010 the population was almost cut in half and same with the percent of housing units occupied. The Growth of the number of whites through the years has changed where there was almost close to the same percentage amount of whites as there were blacks. back in 1950, the Blacks had the majority by almost 20 percent. Also the fact that people of 25 and above made up about 68 percent that only 25 percent of that 68 percent had some college and only 13 people had a doctorate.

From Holmes Street to Campbell Street

          At first when the location was visited the buildings seemed to be old and thought to have been there for a long standing time. The traffic was swift, but steady, even the bike lanes were being put to use. It was a quaint area that was mainly surrounded by large building complexes.  But after some research of the maps below, many of the building weren’t there the entire time such as the building complex know as the Amour Flats was not built in 1909, but sometime between 1909 and 1925. And the other building was the biggest building that on the maps is an “H” it was just an empty lot until sometime after 1925. Even one of the older buildings was demolished and is now just an empty lot. After researching these maps, seeing the change of density of buildings is an amazing thing.