Census Report: East 13th Street and Truman Road

Examining the census data for the area around of East 13th Street and Truman Road along Troost Avenue, I see consistent similarities and difference among the three different years being examined. Those similarities and differences are among race and migration and housing statistics.

As I have research this area before when looking at sanborn maps, I found that there was a shift in interest of building interstate highways from rural areas to urban areas in the 1970s (Missouri Department of Transportation, 2013).  I can clearly see that this is evident in my data. There is a clear decline in population from 1950 to 2010 in those first three tracts. For 1950, the total population for tract 16 was 6,549 (Social Explorer). In Tract 16 for 2000, the total population was 1,080 (Social Explorer). For 2010 in tract 154, the total population was 3,484 (Social Explorer).

As the population of black people still stays dominate throughout the three years being examined, when we get to the year 2000, the third major category is Hispanic/Latinx which was at a total in both tracts of 4.47% (Social Explorer). The number of Hispanic and Latinx people in both tracts in 2010 was 6.24% (Social Explorer). In the area that I have been analyzing there is a slow migration of Hispanics to the Independence Avenue area, extremely close to east 13th Street and Truman Road. From a Kansas City Public Radio article in 2014, “A surge of new immigrants from Central America and Mexico revitalizes Kansas City’s most established Hispanic communities. Armourdale is repopulated with new Latino immigrants. Many  immigrants resettle in corridors, such as Central and Minnesota Avenues in Kansas, and Independence Avenue in Missouri” (Rodriguez, 2014).

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