Meals taking place during festival hours are included in registration and outlined in the festival schedule. 

Meals in the UMKC Cafeteria include a buffet, which features deli, pizza, salad, grill, international dishes, and handmade entrées. The cafeteria posts nutrition and ingredient information above each item available, so students with special dietary needs may choose items that meet those needs. Allergies and other dietary concerns listed in the registration forms will be taken into consideration for any  off-campus catered food.

All participants must eat meals with their group and chaperones and may not leave the cafeteria to eat elsewhere, unless a parent/guardian has put in a special request to pick-up their child. No food is allowed during rehearsals or concert events.

Students are welcome to bring snacks and water bottles. There are also vending machines and water fountains available.

Important Peanut Allergy Note: Please refrain from bringing peanuts or items with peanuts to the festival. We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.