Audition Videos

All Midwest Honor Band Festival nominees are required to submit an audition video as part of their festival application. The results of this audition will determine which ensemble each participant will be placed in as well as chair placement. 

Please see our step by step instructions on how to submit your audition video below.

Auditions for woodwinds and Brass will consist of two parts:

  1. Scales: Each participant must play two major scales, selected from the following: C, G, D, A, F, Bb, Eb, and Ab, starting on their written pitch (NOT concert pitch). Memorization is encouraged, but not required. Students may perform as many octaves as they feel comfortable. Note: 9th-12th Grade participants are encouraged to play a full range chromatic scale in addition to their two major scales. 
  2. Prepared piece: Please choose a piece that showcases your musical and technical skills. This piece should be no longer than 2 minutes in length, and may be a stand-alone piece or a movement/section of a longer piece. Students may perform with or without accompaniment. 

Percussionists must audition for each of the following percussion areas:

  1. Snare Drum: Short piece of your choice and perform these three rudiments. These rudiments are to be played in an open-close-open or fast-slow-fast rudimental presentation. Examples of these rudiments can be found through the Percussive Arts Society here:

          1) Double Stroke Roll   2) Flam Accent   3) Ruff (Drag)

  1. Keyboard Percussion: Short piece of your choice and perform three scales of your choice from the following list: C, G, D, A, F, Bb, Eb, and Ab.
  2. Timpani: Short piece of your choice
If a student already has a video prepared for a similar audition, such as districts or youth symphony, they may use this audition video as their Midwest Honor Band Festival audition as well. Prior to doing so, an email should be sent to notifying us that you would like to utilize this exception. 

Record Your Video

  • Please read the above audition repertoire for detailed requirements
  • Video Suggestions:
    • Students should submit ONE video link.
    • Students should announce themselves and their piece at the start of the video.
    • Videos may be filmed on a smart phone/tablet.
    •  Students should make sure to film in a quiet room.
    •   Instrumentalist should angle the camera so hands are visible.

Upload Your Video

  • Option 1: YouTube (Preferred option) 
    • Log in
    • Click the camera icon in the upper right-hand corner
    • Select Upload Video
    • Follow YouTube’s provided upload instructions from here
    • Copy video link
    • We suggest you post your video as “unlisted” rather than private
  • Option 2: Google Drive
    • Log in
    • Upload Video
    • Open Video
    • Click the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner
    • Select Share
    • A box will open that says something similar to “Share or “Share with Others“. In the top right-hand corner, select “Get Shareable Link or Get Link“. Select option “Can View” or “Viewer“.
    • If video requires a download or is from a school Google account, a box may appear that says “Share with people or groups”,Share with people outside my organization” or “Restricted“. For this option, there is another box below it that says, Get Link. Change link type to Public or Anyone with link. Select option Viewer or Can View.
    • Copy Link
    • PLEASE NOTE: if you do not select the Shareable Link or Public Link, we will not be able to view the video. Any other link will simply take us to your personal Google Drive, which we cannot access

Submit Video to this Link: 2022 Midwest Honor Band Video Submission Form

Acceptance Lists will be posted on December 6, 2021 by 9:00pm. 

Placement and seating results will be announced during the orientation meeting at the James C. Olson Performing Arts Center. The orientation meeting will take place immediately following Friday night check-in. After the orientation meeting students will meet their ensemble’s lead assistant and main campus chaperone, who will lead them to their group’s rehearsal space.