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Ranked Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Policy Reference: 

CRR 310.035 Non-Tenure Track Faculty


There shall be five main types of full-time, Ranked Non-Tenure-Track (RNTT) non-regular faculty.  Each should have primary responsibility in a single area: teaching, or research, or clinical/professional practice, library, or extension activities.  The titles should identify the area.  Within each area, there shall be the following ranks:

  1. Research faculty
    7690  Research Professor
    7677  Associate Research Professor
    7676  Assistant Research Professor
  2. Teaching faculty
    7142  Teaching Professor
    7146  Associate Teaching Professor
    7144  Assistant Teaching Professor
  3. Clinical faculty
    2830  Clinical Professor
    2790  Associate Clinical Professor
    2800  Assistant Clinical Professor
  4. Extension faculty (Extension titles are not currently utilized on the UMKC Campus)
  5. Librarian faculty
    5822 Librarian I
    5823 Librarian II
    5824 Librarian III
    5825 Librarian IV


The titles listed above are non-regular Ranked Non-Tenure Track faculty positions and should be hired as full-time (75% – 100% FTE), benefit-eligible, 9-month or 12-month faculty academic contract appointments.

Minimum Qualifications:

PhD. or terminal degree (highest degree within the area of study).

The steps shown in the Faculty Hiring Workflow [rev. 09/14/2023] provide sequence and an idealized timeline for steps in typical Academic Year [AY] searches. Deans and faculty search committees will work with Susan Hankins, Human Resources Academic Specialist and Debby Laufer, Human Resources Hiring Coordinator, for the full-time ranked search/hiring processes. Please contact Susan or Debby to initiate search needs and processes:

  • Search Committee Training
  • Finalize and Post Job Advertisement
  • Create Recruitment Plan and Assist With:
    • supplemental recruitment materials
    • recruitment communications
    • additional advertising sites
  • Review Plan for Finalist Interviews
  • Questions Related to Search Processes

The Full-Time Faculty Hiring Checklist [rev. 09/14/2023] provides clear step by step guidelines for a full-time academic search at UMKC.

The Recruitment Process Information Form provides information pertinent to the:

  • Position Details
  • Job Advertisement
    • advertisements should include the affirmative action commitment statement: “UMKC is an equal access, equal opportunity, affirmative action employer that is fully committed to achieving a diverse faculty and staff.”
  • Financial Parameters of the Position
  • Recruitment Plan [rev. 09/14/2023]

Ranked non-tenure track positions are competitive positions which generally require national, regional, local and UMKC advertisement for a minimum of 30 days. Trained search committees are required to hire ranked positions. All applicants must apply through UMKC’s academic e-recruit portal to be considered for a position.

Request for Waivers of the normal AA Recruitment process:

The Dean should forward the completed Waiver Request as provided on the form; candidates in immigration visa status are ineligible for AA Waivers.

The Human Resources Academic Specialist generally drafts all ranked faculty offer letters and answers questions about offer letter components. Please complete the Full-Time Academic Offer Letter Request form [rev. 03/28/23] and submit to Susan Hankins. Provost approval is required prior to offer to candidate.

Verification of higher education degrees shown on official transcripts is required prior to offer of employment. Criminal Background Checks are required at the time of hire.


Written evaluation by supervisor should be discussed with employee and signed by both parties annually.

Renewal and Non-Renewal:

For renewal or non-renewal letters, please reach out to your Human Resource Business Partner

CRR 310.035 Non-Tenure Track Faculty. [rev. 04/05/22].