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Any title classified by UM System as “T&R” (Teaching & Research) is considered an Academic Title.  Academic titles consist of instructional and non-instructional titles, and are used when creating positions to perform the duties and responsibilities associated specifically with the academic teaching and research mission of the university.  Duties and responsibilities primarily based in business, clerical, administrative, and other non-research/instructional support tasks are considered Administrative, Service, and Support title classifications and should not comprise more than 49% of any Academic Title’s job description.

Designed to assist unit Deans, Chairs, academic hiring supervisors and Human Resources Facilitators in the practical use and application of academic titles, UMKC Faculty Affairs has created a UMKC-specific Academic Titles List which contains Human Resources classification data, as well as additional information including recruitment and advertising requirements, rules for renewal and non-renewal, minimum salary (if applicable) and guidelines for title use (when available).

The titles appearing in the Academic Titles List are current as of the date shown below.  For the most current listing of UMKC academic titles, please utilize the UM Job Code Detail (including UMKC) report feature available on the UMKC Human Resources Compensation website.


Contact UMKC HR Academic Specialist Susan Hankins (816-235-6670 or

Click Here to access the UMKC Academic Titles List active as of 17MAR17