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Courtesy Appointments

A Courtesy Appointment is an agreement executed to create a non-compensated affiliation between a non-employee and the university.

Courtesy Appointments should be approved by the Dean.  An offer letter should be executed which outlines the specifics and conditions of the Courtesy Appointment, including the benefit to the university and the candidate, start and end dates, and purpose of the arrangement.  The completed offer letter should be signed by the Dean and attached to a completed Courtesy Appointment PAF Form (or Courtesy ePAF).

Courtesy Appointment PAF Form

Courtesy Offer Letter Template 

Courtesy Job Code Titles include: Courtesy 9993 and Emeritus 0074 (click here to review the Emeritus designation process)

Courtesy Working Title Description may list any academic title except Tenured, Tenure-Track, or Ranked NTT titles. Working titles for Courtesy Appointees should include Adjunct prior to the academic title.

If you have questions regarding the Courtesy Appointment process, please contact UMKC Academic HR Specialist Susan Hankins (816-235-6670 or