Welcome Our New Blog Editor, Emma Sauer!

By Emma Sauer

A huge hello to all of you! My name’s Emma (she/her/hers). I’m a junior here at UMKC, but this is my first year here as a transfer student. Initially I was disappointed by the lack of live kangaroos bouncing around campus, but it turns out the human residents are pretty awesome too. As someone who’s lived in the KCMO area for 10 years but has barely ventured outside her bedroom door, I wanted to expose myself to Kansas City and all it had to offer. UMKC was the optimal choice! I’m majoring in English, with an emphasis in rhetoric and writing. I’m still considering different career paths, which is why I’m trying to expose myself to as many hands-on experiences as I can.

I’m someone who has always felt very passionate about women’s issues, so when I caught wind of an internship opportunity at UMKC’s very own Women’s Center, I was immediately interested. I’ve done a lot of my own research and learned a lot second hand about intersectional issues, but the Women’s Center offers a chance for me to do real, meaningful work. I’m elated to be able to share my knowledge on intersectional issues, and if I’m lucky, I’ll learn a thing or two myself!

In my free time, I love to write, read, draw, and listen to podcasts. I’m also really into anime, cartoons, and D&D! If you ever see me around the Women’s Center and want to chat about a new game or show you’re watching, don’t be afraid to chat with me (especially if you a have recommendation with kick-ass female characters). The last and single most important thing I have to share about myself is my two cats who can do no wrong, ever, because they are my perfect little fuzzy angels.

You’ll hear from me soon, Roos!

P.S- As a gesture of goodwill, any of you higher-ups at UMKC can totally take my kangaroo idea for free. However, I do get to name every single one; that’s non-negotiable.