Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow


by Rhonda Cooksey

Serving as blog editor for the UMKC Women’s Center has made for a joyous summer.  I chose my summer classes to help me learn ways to speak up for women, and what I have learned has been life changing.  By having the internship experience in concurrence with a class about women’s movements, my concepts of feminist political and social organizations has completely changed. I sense subtle shifts in my thinking about women’s issues that will ultimately shift my behavior, focus and trajectory. Working with the Women’s Center inspires me to learn more and do more for women and social justice.

I especially loved learning about Her Art Project. It’s for the students at UMKC and also for the entire Kansas City arts community.  We did a Stepping Stone project during Roo Connection Days that was a big success. New students did a healing arts project by choosing a colorful sculpey stone and writing an affirmation or goal on it that would represent this step in their lives. It’s a simple act that reminds women to take care of their mental health. We have a tendency to take care of everyone but ourselves.

There’s nothing like being part of a community of women helping women. It’s been an incredible experience that I will never forget, and I look forward to volunteering with the UMKC Women’s Center during the fall and spring semester. They have some awesome projects and events that I can help with. I guess its back to my home office for me, but don’t worry, I’m never alone. Luigi and his dog, Kira, are always behind me. And, Women’s Center, I’ll be visiting!