“Who Does She Think She Is?” And How Does She Make An Art Show Virtual?

By Allani Gordon

Amidst a pandemic, our world is changing rapidly each day. Every aspect of our lives is being altered, revised, and even removed from daily routine, and it has required a lot of creative thinking in order to remain optimistic and unified in this unique situation.

Credit: Jolynne Martinez.



For the Who Does She Think She Is? Art exhibition, this is especially true. As I worked alongside Arzie Umali, the founder of Her Art Project, and Wolfe Brack from InterUrban ArtHouse, it did not occur to us, after hours of curating, hanging, and rehanging art work, that the show might not be physically available to the public.

However, after mandated social distancing and quarantine became a surreal part of reality, the idea of pursuing an art show wasn’t even in consideration anymore- well, in person at least.

Despite the obstacles faced, this did not stop our team member Wolfe from transforming the annual art show into a virtual gallery. Now, almost anyone from anywhere can celebrate and appreciate the showcased artwork from the 50 stellar female artists of our Kansas City community.

The virtual gallery not only highlights the perseverance of creative minds during chaos, but also recognizes the brilliance of the female artists in our Kansas City community. The show’s main purpose is to explore the challenges and experiences of artistic fulfillment and career and bring together family among women artists in America. With that being said, during this unclear and troubling time, the Who Does She Think She Is? Art show can offer us solace, inspiration, and unification.

Check out the gallery yourself!

Virtual Gallery Tour:  http://www.interurbanarthouse.org/virtual-gallery-tour-who-does-she-think-she-is

Online Store: https://interurban-arthouse.square.site/s/shop