A Reflection on V-Day

By Adriana Suarez

V-Day, most would think, means Valentine’s Day. The day of the cupid and for love birds to celebrate their love for one another. For us at the Women’s Center it means a lot more than that. V-day, in fact, does NOT just stand for Valentine’s Day during the month of February. In fact, it stands for Victory Day. Working at the Women’s Center has been an eye opener because I never knew that V-day was something other than Valentine’s Day.

What is Victory day?

Victory day is a global movement that stands to end violence within the community. More specifically it is geared towards girls and women, whether they are cisgender, transgender, or any other gender subject to violence.

V-day is a correlating event that happens with the production of the Vagina Monologues. (Information about Vagina Monologues included below). Vagina Monologues is a play written by Eve Ensler. It touches on very important and sensitive topics that not many people want to discuss. This play has played a very important role in women’s empowerment and that is part of the reason why we take part in producing the play every year in the month of February.

As a center that supports women’s equity not only across campus but also within our community, this time of the year is especially important because we are able to expressively and openly share V-Day at tabling events across campus.

Honestly, it’s a really exciting time around the center because we are encouraging and engaging with community members and students to learn more about these topics and promoting the Women’s Center at the same time. I enjoy working here around this time because it’s a large fundraiser for us to fund other events we hold throughout the year. In the earlier months of October and November, we get many inquiries about auditions and people visiting the center and it’s really exciting to see people engage in this and their willingness to participate.

Our next V-Day table will be:

Monday February 24, 12:00- 2:00 pm, Royall Hall Lobby, 800 E. 52nd St.

We hope you join us at Vagina Monologues on Thursday, February 27th.

Resource Fair begins at 6:30; Doors open at 7:00 pm; Performance starts at 7:30 pm