Forty shades of Fenty

By Korrien Hopkins

Rihanna is now dominating the cosmetics industry with her ground-breaking make-up brand Fenty Beauty.

It seems everyone’s been falling for Fenty this season. Just in time for fashion week, Fenty Beauty and its 40 foundation shades hit the shelves of Sephora back in September.

The brand shook up the makeup industry in a major way, giving an amazing array of shades for women of color. With shades selling out almost immediately, Rihanna provided a concrete and high-profile example that darker foundation shades are in very high demand.

Rihanna has gained worldwide praise for Fenty Beauty, and, personally, I would have to say its release symbolized a beautiful moment for me. Many women with darker skin have struggled for years to find makeup shades that matched. Rihanna not only made shade fit for darker women, but also women who have skin conditions such as albinism.

This “for us by us” movement has me excited and happy to support those who are here to make a positive change for women of color. As other makeup brands follow Rihanna’s lead, I’m sure this is only the beginning.