Featured Artist: Dandee Pattee



by Logan Snook

Up next in our 50 Women Exhibit interviews is Dandee Pattee. A native of Wyoming, Pattee’s work is heavily inspired by the vast, swelling landscape where she grew up. Not only do the rolling hills and supple mountains of Wyoming inspire Pattee, but her work is largely drawn from the curves and voluptuousness of the female body. Pattee’s porcelain pieces are about body language, movement, and celebrating natural, female forms.

“My work is innately feminine…I am going for curvy, sexy things…that’s what excites me.”

Pattee prefers to create functional pottery, a form she has been drawn to from an early age. By focusing on creating works in the functional form, as opposed to sculptural or installation, Pattee creates a parameter for herself, allowing her work to be more focused.

The 50 Women exhibit marks a first for Pattee – a first participating in an all-female exhibit. Attending the opening of the exhibit, Pattee was surprised to see work by so many artists whose work she did not know. She expressed that the exhibit was “very thoughtfully put together,” showcasing strong, unique works by women that were outside the trend

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The 50 Women: A Celebration of women’s Contribution to Ceramics Exhibit is up until May 13th – make sure to stop by and view the work created by these inspiring, and talented women!