The Male Feminists of Tinder

by Thea Voutiritsas

tumblr_o0x1i3lRvR1v0fn3ao1_1280tumblr_nzufhpiYuP1v0fn3ao1_1280I recently tumblr_o18fxvPrPE1v0fn3ao1_1280stumbled across this tumblr, and nearly died laughing. Comedian Lane Moore has been collecting screenshots of all of the men on Tinder who use feminism to attract dates. Of course, I’m happy when a person of any gender chooses to identify as a feminist, but a few of these profiles are missing the mark. I have to say it’s a bit frustrating to see feminism used in this way. It’s a ploy that trivializes actual feminism. Yes, male allies are important to feminism, but I question the sincerity of these tinder users. I can’t say that these people are not truly feminists, but this little bear trap they’ve set ain’t workin’ any time soon. The tumblr page is still quite new, and users are able to submit their own photos. I’m interested to see if the collection grows, or if it is just an awkward little blip between culture and technology.