Meet Female Lighting Designer: Matiara Huff!

Matiara Huff, the subject of our interview with one of her younger sisters.

Matiara Huff, the subject of our interview with one of her younger sisters.

By Rocky Richards

I was able to sit down and chat with Matiara Huff, a female lighting design student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Check out the interview below!

What is your major?

My major is theatre design and production. (Specifically lighting)

What year is this for you at UMKC?

Second Year

What do you do as a lighting designer?

I use stage lighting to create focal points and moods on the stage.

When did you decide that you wanted to be a lighting designer?

When I started at UMKC I went to few lighting work calls to check out other students work. Before I noticed I became intrigued and realized it was something I would like to do as well!

Does gender play a major role as a female designer?

Yes, of course there’s a lot work that goes into lighting which many would look at as construction. We spend a lot of time up on ladders and moving heavy lights; in this case some would feel it’s a man’s task but I prefer to differ.

What advice would you give a woman that wanted to go into a field that society has told them is only for men?

First, I would say “Love what you do”! If you aren’t for sure things won’t get easier. Second, keep pushing no matter what, this field particularly is open-minded so there will be people on your side, but sometimes you will endure others who won’t be on your side. In this instance you just have to push past negativity and continue to work.

Who inspires you as a female lighting designer?

As a female designer I am inspired by the graduate lighting design students here at UMKC! They are almost always put under a lot of pressure and they consistently make it work.