Quilts on the Quad

By Maritza Gordillo

During the spring 2011 semester the Women’s Center with the collaboration of Nedra Bonds, the Arts Council of Metropolitan KC and the ArtsKC Fund brought together various workshops for those on campus and the community to come and use their skills and creativity for good. Each person got the opportunity to express their feelings on women’s issues by making a quilt square. Every quilt square represented its own unique story.

 I personally got the privilege of making 3 squares. During every single workshop I participated in, the feeling of expressing yourself by making a quilt was fascinating to me because it was my first time ever making a quilt and it was even more amazing how all the feelings, anecdotes, and experiences I have come across through my life as a Latina, were all put together into an art piece. It was a beautiful experience while making these quilts and it was nice to see the different pieces and the stories behind each one and what they represented.

All the quilt squares that were made from these workshops will be put together by artist Nedra Bonds into one big quilt that will be displayed for the first time at the Women’s Center event: Quilts on the Quad that will be this Saturday, October 1, 2011 from 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM. Hope to see everyone there!