Quilting Workshop with Nedra Bonds

By Patsy Campos

Mommy + Me quilt square

On Saturday, March 5, I took part in a fun and relaxing quilting workshop at the University Center facilitated by local textile artist Nedra Bonds. Several students and community members attended the workshop and everyone who participated created a quilt square with a women’s equity theme that Nedra will use to create one large quilt. She hopes to complete the final quilt by the fall and then she will donate it to the Women’s Center to commemorate the Women’s Center’s 40th anniversary.

There were some beautiful masterpieces done by the participants who varied in skill level from students who had never sewn anything before to experienced quilters who came prepared with their own sewing machines. The participants left some great comments about the workshop, which had a relaxed atmosphere that was conducive to allowing the creative juices to flow. Since the workshop was open for everybody, you did not have to be an expert quilter to join in on the fun. Beginners participated by cutting and pasting fabric or hand sewing it. Some learned how to use a sewing machine for the very first time right there.

If you are interested in quilting, or maybe you want to learn a new hobby, or if you want to contribute to a work of art that will be permanently hung in the Women’s Center, Nedra will be facilitating another quilting workshop on Saturday, April 9 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm at the University Center in the Alumni Room. The cost is $35 and that includes all the fabric and supplies. You’ll get to make two quilt squares – one you will give to Nedra for the Women’s Center quilt and the other you can show off to your friends. If you have your own sewing machine, please bring it; otherwise, we’ll have one for you to borrow. Quilting novices will have the option to cut and paste or hand-sew a piece. Also, feel free to bring some extra fabrics and embellishments for your quilt square if you have any.  To register, please call the UMKC Women’s Center at 816-235-1638 or just drop by 105 Haag Hall.  Hopefully we will see you at our next workshop!