Guest Posting Guidelines

We welcome guest posts here on the Women’s Center blog. Guest posting gives the readers fresh perspectives beyond what we can provide. We also learn a lot from the guest posts.

Here are two reasons why you may want to write guest posts:

  1. You will promote critical thinking and teach others about an issue.
    This is always a good thing. While you may already be educating people through whatever work you do, hopefully by posting on this blog you will expose many others to your side of an issue and promote critical thinking and discussion.
  2. You will get exposure for your work.
    Anyone who reads our blog will see your post – including students, staff, faculty and community members. This means that you will gain exposure for whatever projects on which you are working or groups of which you are a member, and possibly additional support or members.

Of course, there are some guidelines for the post. In addition to being relevant to women’s and/or gender issues, the post must be:

  1. Original
    It can’t be a post that has been posted anywhere else before. In other words, it must be a new post.
  2. At least 200 words long.
    This is for the content part, not counting the title and bio.
  3. At most 50 words bio.
    You may include links to your site or blog here. Please put the bio at the end of the post. We will write an introduction at the beginning.
  4. Posts may not contain racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise overtly objectionable content.
    Differences of opinion are welcome; posts will not be rejected on a difference of opinion alone. Threats, pointless belligerence, and hate speech are not welcome.

We reserve the right to edit the posts as needed (for example, to fix spelling or grammar errors) and to reject posts that we feel are not appropriate for this web site. Feel free to tell us about your idea before you start writing. We don’t want to waste your time. Please send your submissions, ideas, or questions about the guest posting policy to