RISE Peer Educators

RISE Peer Educators are a group of dedicated violence prevention peer educators striving toward a safer, healthier, and happier UMKC campus. 

Mission Statement: We are peer educators with the goal of bringing awareness to sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking at University of Missouri – Kansas City.  We provide effective and inclusive education to facilitate well-being on campus, empower the community to become agents of change, and spread empathetic understanding of how power-based personal violence can affect individuals in an evolving world.

Values: open-mindedness, trust, growth, dialogue, and empathy

Job Description

The Peer Educators are students committed to preventing power-based personal violence at UMKC and beyond. They are responsible, enthusiastic, dedicated student leaders that assist with facilitating discussions, provide workshops, and help with campus events. Students are an active part of the creation, implementation, facilitation & assessment of prevention education.

Required Qualifications

  • Must be registered as a current UMKC student
  • Interest in, and a commitment to, continuous learning about sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking and the needs of students impacted by power-based violence
  • Ability to facilitate trainings and workshops on power-based personal violence
  • Ability to listen to students actively and respectfully, and respond with warmth, compassion, and empathy


  • Co-facilitate peer-to-peer workshops aimed to prevent violence on campus and within the community
  • Provide outreach to student organizations and groups to coordinate workshops or trainings
  • Maintain a record of the number of trainings or workshops conducted each semester and the number of individuals that participated
  • Train UMKC students in issues such as domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking prevention and related topics
  • Create and administer interactive programming
  • Participate in weekly peer educator team meetings
  • Participate in research opportunities as they arise focusing on standardized evaluation of prevention programming, initiating and assisting with ongoing research, or related topics in focus area of violence
  • Participate in tabling events
  • Volunteer at or attend RISE events
  • Collaborate with other peer educators on various projects of interest
  • Other duties as assigned


Do you want to get involved and help provide prevention education on our campus? Apply to be a RISE Peer Educator! Contact Maya Burtin, Outreach and Prevention Education Coordinator, at mburtin@umkc.edu for more information.