Get Educated

RISE staff are available to provide training and educational programming for faculty, staff, students and departments on issues related to consent, sexual assault and sexual violence, gender-based violence, relationship abuse, and/or stalking. The basic training lasts approximately one hour and includes:

  • Definitions of sexual assault, domestic/relationship violence and stalking;
  • Responding appropriately to reports of relationship violence, stalking and/or sexual assault;
  • Information on UMKC policies and procedures; and
  • Resources for victims/survivors.

Departments or offices can request an additional half-hour of each of the following:

  • Red flags and dynamics of domestic/relationship violence, sexual assault and stalking; or
  • Role plays to practice responding to students with these issues.

To make a request for educational programming or training from RISE, visit Request Educational Programming/Training (link).

For information on mandatory training for all incoming new students, visit Not Anymore (link).

To access the mandatory annual training for employees, visit Discrimination Prevention and Title IX Training (link).

To learn more about bystander intervention at UMKC, visit Green Dot (link).

To find resources related to prevention of sexual misconduct, visit Prevention Resources (link).

To expand your knowledge related to all forms of sexual misconduct, visit News & Research (link).