HLC Accreditation

UMKC’s Assurance Argument

HLC Institutional Actions Council continued the accreditation of the University of Missouri-Kansas City with the next Reaffirmation of Accreditation in 2029-30. Based on review and the Assurance Argument submitted in 2019.

Members of the UMKC community may read the assurance argument submitted in 2019 online or by downloading it from Box.

Read UMKC’s Final Assurance Argument Submitted in 2019



UMKC has elected to maintain their accreditation with HLC through the Open Pathway focused on quality assurance and institutional improvement.

What is Open Pathway Year 4 Assurance Review?

Institutions in Year 4 of the Open Pathway undergo a virtual Assurance Review to demonstrate that they
continue to be in compliance with HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation.

This review differs from the comprehensive evaluation conducted in Year 10 (for UMKC most recently in 2019) of the pathway in that it:

  • Only involves the submission and review of the institution’s Assurance Filing which include an Assurance Argument and Evidence File.
  • Does not include a student survey, Federal Compliance Filing, multi-campus visit, or, in most cases, an on-site visit.

When will UMKC submit our Assurance Filing?

UMKC will submit our Assurance Argument and Evidence File in July of 2024. Our submission will need to affirm that the narrative and evidence presented at the time of the previous review is still in effect. To this end, we will be collecting information regarding our recent efforts and activities since our Year 10 comprehensive evaluation.

Will information be requested from my program/unit?

For Core Components where UMKC has new or ongoing activities to report we will be reaching out to colleagues across campus.

Topics of possible Year 4 updates identified by HLC include the following:

  • New evidence of the institution’s commitment to student outcomes assessment or to changes made as a result of recently conducted program reviews, particularly if the institution reviews certain departments or programs on a rotating basis or introduced new majors, concentrations or degree programs since its comprehensive evaluation.
  • New activities, events or expansion plans that are connected to the institution’s strategic plan or campus facilities master plan, in response to new initiatives or projects funded through extramural sources or Trustees’ support, or that meet the needs of new student groups or cohorts.
  • Assessment of the value of new educational technologies and innovations in student learning, support activities, residential life, or off-campus activities.
  • The appointment of new faculty members and staff in relation to the institution’s strategic plan and academic priorities, departmental organization, research activities, funding opportunities or programmatic directions.
  • New activities related to civic engagement, community-based learning, apprenticeships, internships or service learning opportunities.
  • An evaluation of the academic foundations laid by seed grants or extramural funding or made possible by new enrollment management successes or priorities that enable new growth opportunities across departments, schools or campus.

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