image of letter informing UMKC then University of Kansas City that we received accreditationThe Higher Learning Commission / North Central Association UMKC Accreditation Archives organizes select documents that together tell the story of our university’s accreditation. The table below presents a variety of documents from the one-page letter to President Decker in 1938 to more comprehensive self-studies.   

DateHistoric Document NameDownload
11/04/2020UMKC Assurance Argument4 Nov 2019 Final Assurance Argument
03/20/2020Reaffirmation of Accreditation LetterUMKC Reaffirmation letter
1999HLC NCA Accreditation 1999

HLC NCA Accreditation 1999


2014Agreement UMKC participates in Academy for Student Persistence and Completion 3 pgs

HLC P&C Academy and UMKC Agreement

2013HLC NCA Multi-location Site

HLC NCA Multi-Location Site

2013HLC NCA Additional Location Approval

HLC NCA Additional Location Approval

2010HLC Accreditation 2010

UMKC Measures Up (UMKC website with multiple links to documents)

Accreditation Message from Chancellor (video)

2009 Final Report

HLC NCA Accreditation 2010

1979HLC NCA Accreditation 1979

HLC NCA Accreditation 1979

1970HLC NCA Accreditation 1970

HLC NCA Accreditation 1970

1938HLC Approval 1938 Letter from Brumbaugh to Decker 1 pg

HLC NCA Accreditation Report