Our Services

Violence Prevention & Response offers basic short-term crisis intervention as well as on-going advocacy and resource coordination as needed for all members of the campus community who are survivors/victims of sexual misconduct, including sexual violence, dating/intimate partner violence or abuse, sexual exploitation, or stalking, and to those who have been accused of sexual misconduct. We also offer trainings to our campus community to help inform and prevent sexual violence.

Confidential Resources
VPR acts as a confidential resource for students, staff, and faculty who seek emotional support, referrals, and guidance on University policies and procedures but are unsure as to whether to formally report incidents of sexual misconduct. This same confidential resource is also available to those members of the campus community who have been accused of sexual misconduct. As a confidential resource, VPR will not convey any personally-identifiable information to UMKC’s Title IX Coordinator or any other university officials and is exempt from UMKC’s mandated reporting rule. However, in rare situations, VPR may be required to disclose the information shared: 1) when VPR believes there is imminent harm to self or others or 2) as required by law. However, VPR is required to share with the Title IX Coordinator de-identified aggregate information regarding reports of sexual misconduct, including the date and time of the incident, the general location (on- or off-campus), and the basic nature of the incident. Though the information shared with VPR is confidential, it is not considered privileged and is therefore subject to disclosure or discovery and can be asked about in testimony as part of a legal proceeding. As such, any individual employed by or volunteering for VPR may be required to share information that is considered confidential under University policy but is not privileged under law.

Medical and Mental Health Advocacy
We provide information regarding local hospitals, the SANE exam, and the role of SANE nurses. We also provide referrals to the UMKC Student Health and Wellness Center and/or outside agencies. We provide referrals to UMKC Counseling Services and/or outside agencies.

Legal Advocacy
We work with the UMKC Police Department, the Kansas City Police Department, and court systems, to ensure survivors are able to understand and pursue their desired criminal and civil legal options. We assist with filing police reports and Ex Parte Orders of Protection (“restraining order”) or make referrals to the most appropriate resource. We also offer assistance with stalking log documentation.

Housing Advocacy
We work with the UMKC Title IX Office, the UMKC Department of Residential Life, and/or off-campus housing authorities to help ensure survivor safety. We are able to provide application assistance for the Safe at Home address confidentiality program.

Academic Advocacy
We work with the UMKC Title IX Office and the Deans of schools and colleges to help survivors stay academically successful during their time at UMKC.

Campus System Advocacy
We work with the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and/or the appropriate Title IX Coordinator to ensure survivors are able to understand and pursue their desired options through Title IX processes or processes related to violations of the UM Student Standard of Conduct.