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To reach the on-call member of our team during regular business hours, please call (816) 235-1771.

Sybil B. Wyatt, JD, EdD, MS
Director of Affirmative Action
Title IX Coordinator/Equity Officer
Bias Education & Support Team Coordinator
MOTIXC Coordinator
Employee ADA Coordinator

Green Dot Facilitator

Sybil Wyatt (she/her/hers) leads both the Office of Affirmative Action and RISE: Resources, Intervention, Support, & Education.

KC Atchinson, JD
Manager of Investigations & Supportive Measures

Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Sr. Equal Opportunity Investigator
Green Dot Facilitator

KC Atchinson (she/her/hers) assists in ensuring UMKC’s compliance with Title IX, as well as investigating complaints of protected identity discrimination and harassment, offering conflict management and mediation services, and facilitating Green Dot, UMKC’s bystander intervention program. KC also serves as a designated investigator for complaints of faculty misconduct.

Lacie Fox, MASc
Employee ADA Specialist
Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Equal Opportunity Investigator

Lacie Fox (she/her/hers) assists in reviewing employee requests for disability accommodations in the workplace and investigates complaints of discrimination and harassment based on an individual’s protected identity. Lacie also serves as a designated investigator for complaints of faculty misconduct.

Christi Roeder
Equity Assistant
Data Administrator
Green Dot Facilitator

Christi Roeder (she/her/hers) manages the OAA database and filing system and tracks and compiles aggregate data for our annual reports, as well as performing numerous administrative tasks in support of OAA’s mission. Christi also frequently serves as a Green Dot facilitator, working to educate UMKC’s campus community on bystander intervention.