Evaluation of Donnelly College MSEIP

Focus Areas: Teachers Work, Career Pathways, Postsecondary Education

This evaluation investigates the impact of a comprehensive initiative designed to improve the recruitment, retention and graduation of undergraduate STEM majors.

Donnelly College’s MSEIP program is a comprehensive initiative to diversify STEM professions by growing a degree pipeline through activities intended to boost STEM college readiness, career awareness, and student success among K-12, pre-college, and existing college students. Activities include advising, mentoring, and tutoring for Donnelly College students, a summer academy for high school graduates to prepare them for rigorous STEM college coursework, outreach programs for K-12 students to encourage interest in STEM, professional development for faculty to build pedagogical skills and capacity to serve STEM students, and coordination with 4-year institutions to help students successfully transfer after completion of an associate degree at Donnelly College. This project is funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

The UERC is conducting an evaluation of this program to assess improvements to Donnelly College’s capacity to offer high-quality STEM programming as well as changes in enrollment, success, and persistence of minority students in STEM.

This evaluation includes collection of student and faculty survey data, as well as student enrollment, completion, persistence, and transfer and graduation data. Donnelly College uses the findings to highlight key outcomes of the program, ensure they are meeting federal grant requirements, and continually refine their program model to best meet the needs and interests of STEM students.