The Urban Education Research Center (UERC) is a research and evaluation center within the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Education, Social Work and Psychological Sciences. The center works collaboratively within the School of Education, across the university and in conjunction with local partners and communities. Collaborators and partners include educational leaders, educators, researchers, community leaders, advocacy groups, industries and service organizations throughout the Greater Kansas City area.


The mission of the UERC is to create reliable, usable knowledge about education in urban areas with the goal of promoting excellent schooling and improving the lives, opportunities and communities of urban residents in the Greater Kansas City community and the nation. The center accomplishes this mission through collaborative, data-rich strategies including technical assistance and consultation and rigorous research and evaluation using a range of methodological tools.


We believe a diversity of perspectives and involvement of diverse constituents are key to understanding and solving urban education issues with national applicability. Working collaboratively with academics, practitioners, community and nonprofit organizations, industries and the general public will lead to deeper understanding of and shared progress on critical urban issues.