Evaluation of the Military Veterans Beginning Farmers Project

Focus Areas: Adult Learners, Career Pathways

This evaluation examines the outcomes of a program to expand veterans’ skills and interest in container farming and entrepreneurship.

The overarching goal of the project is to establish a pathway to economic viability for military veteran beginning farmers (MVBF). Utilizing container farms at the Veteran Community Project Village in Kansas City, military veterans are trained on container farm processes, hydroponicsystems, technological innovations for increased specialty crop production (farm-STEM training), as well as receive financial, marketing, and entrepreneurship certificate training.

The purpose of the evaluation is to understand the short-term and long-term outcomes of the three-year MVBF program. The evaluation uses pre- and post-test surveys as well as focus groups to understand the impact of the program on the veteran’s farming skills and knowledge and interest in pursuing a career in agriculture or farming.

The collaborative project is funded by the National Institute for Food and Agriculture and led by the University of Missouri – Kansas City, Biogen Ag Systems, and the Kansas City Veterans Community Project.