My Top Five Reasons for Moving to Kansas City!

By: Dasjah Mason, Class of 2022

My name is Dasjah Mason, and I was lucky enough to serve as student ambassador for the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy. I was born and raised in St. Louis and I absolutely love my hometown. Upon graduation, I was weighing the decision to stay in St. Louis or move to Kansas City for pharmacy school. There was a lot to take into account, but I wanted to share my top 5 reasons for moving to Kansas City and I have no regrets!

  1. CHANGE IN SCENERY: Something important to me when starting college was to have new experiences and find new things to discover. Moving to Kansas City gave me a complete clean slate to explore a new city and have a fresh start as I started to grow and know myself.
  2. DISTANCE: St. Louis is not too far away! With only a 3.5-hour drive, my family and I have made several weekend and day trips to see one another. Moreover, if you don’t have a car like I did my first two years, you can always catch a train to ride down for the holidays and breaks.
  3. ATHLETICS: I have been playing sports my whole life and a major reason for my move to Kansas City was receiving a track and field scholarship. If I would have stayed in St. Louis, I was not sure if I would continue playing sports, so it was an awesome opportunity to continue doing that at a D-1 collegiate level.
  4. FORMER STUDENTS: When I would meet current pharmacists and ask them questions about school, majority would have great things to say about UMKC. In addition, they mentioned that when they graduated, they felt prepared to move on into their careers.
  5. MY COLLEGE VISIT: I had so much fun during my college tour of the main campus and hospital hill. Everyone that I came across was incredibly nice and provided all the information that I needed to make a well-informed decision on choosing a school. I felt that UMKC would be a great fit for me and had all the tools and resources I needed to accomplish my goals. Even when I made it to campus, it still had the same energy that I saw when I visited, and it has not changed!